Noticed the recent viral trend of “lollipop lips” on TikTok? Lippies that resemble this tasty candy are all the rage among beauty enthusiasts, but imagine if there was an entire makeup collection inspired by lollipops!

Now, thanks to C-beauty brand Joocyee, our childhood dreams have come true.

They’ve just launched the Spicy Sweetheart Collection, a collaboration with the beloved lollipop brand Chupa Chups.

From dual-toned blushes to lip glosses that will give you those perfect lollipop lips, the collection is a delightfully unexpected partnership that has us craving more!

If you’re curious to know more about this mouthwatering new collection, keep reading for all the juicy details.

Spicy Sweetheart Pressed Powder

The brand-new products in this collection feature innovative designs that blend various shades into one item, much like the famous Chupa Chups lollipops that mix two flavours together!

These makeup items are incredibly versatile, in order to streamline your beauty routine.

The pressed powders in this collection are divided into two halves, each with a unique purpose. One side is a blush shade, while the other is a matte highlight.

Even better, when combined, they create a nude shade that’s perfect for setting your makeup!

W01 Milk Mist Pink combines beige and pink for warm-toned skin, while C01 Translucent Purple offers a milky pale shade and a lilac blush for cool-toned skin.

Lastly, W02 Warm Mist Apricot features deeper peach and beige shades for tanned complexions.

So, you’ll easily find the ideal match for your skin tone!

The Spicy Sweetheart Blushers retail for US$29.99 (approximately RM141.64) each on Lookhealthystore.

Spicy Sweetheart Blusher

The collection features two types of blushes, each with its own unique characteristics.

The Sandwich Blushers have a powder formula and are made up of two shades in one pan, allowing you to use them individually or blend them together for a beautiful new shade.

M218 Ice Guava offers two warm shades of pink, perfect for highlighting and adding depth to your blush look.

Meanwhile, M219 Moonlight Pink provides a lavender brightening shade and a sweet pink blush shade.

On the other hand, the Cream Blushers have a soft and creamy formula, offering a single solid shade in each compact.

M220C Wild Apricot Puree is a warm peachy shade, while M221C Pink Cardamom is a reddish-pink shade, giving you a natural rosy flush.

Both types of blushes come in compacts that are embossed with a heart-shaped Chupa Chups logo, both on the product itself and its silver casing.

Additionally, each case is adorned with a translucent heart that mimics a lollipop, with a different color for each blush shade!

The Spicy Sweetheart Blushers retail for US$26.99 (approximately RM127.47) each on Lookhealthystore.

Spicy Sweetheart Mirror Lipstick

These lipsticks have a shiny finish and are available in six different shades, each one a natural and flattering hue that will make your lips look irresistibly juicy.

Four of these shades are new and follow the same “sandwich” concept as the blushes, with two colours in one bullet!

Shades 514 and 534 feature a heart-shaped lighter colour in the center, surrounded by a deeper complementary shade.

On the other hand, shades 532 and 533 have a single colour that’s paired with a clear outer layer for extra glossiness.

This unique design helps the lipstick create a seamless gradient when applied, giving your lips dimension and shine for a perfect lollipop-like pout!

However, keep in mind that these four new shades have a different formula that isn’t transfer-proof, so you may need to touch up occasionally.

Meanwhile, shades 523 and 525 are from previous Joocyee collections, and have been repackaged in the cute Chupa Chups tube for this new collection.

Although these shades don’t have the “sandwich” design, they make up for it with their older transfer-proof formula, which creates a film over your lips to keep the colour in place!

The Spicy Sweetheart Mirror Lipsticks retail for US$23.99 (approximately RM113.30) each on Lookhealthystore.

The Full Collection

You can either buy the products in this collection individually or as a set, which comes with a few add-ons.

If you can’t decide on just one product, you can purchase the full set to experiment with!

Not only will you receive all the products, but you’ll also get a phone charm adorned with fun colourful beads that are reminiscent of candy.

Additionally, the set includes a heart-shaped hand mirror with the Chupa Chups logo, matching the design of the compacts.

Lastly, you’ll receive a puff applicator in the classic Chupa Chups red shade, which is perfect for applying the cream blush in this collection!

The Spicy Sweetheart All-In-One Collection retails for US$249.99 (approximately RM1,180.75) on Lookhealthystore.