Calling all lip balm enthusiasts and Blackpink fans! Get ready to elevate your lip care routine to new heights as Tamburins collaborates with the fabulous Jennie to introduce new unique lip balm experience!

Picture this: a lip balm that not only hydrates and softens your lips but also serves as a chic accessory you can proudly show off wherever you go. Tamburins Egg Lip Balm is here for you, a fashion statement and practical keychain that’s destined to become your go-to companion.

The Packaging

Let’s delve into what makes this lip balm keychain so egg-citing! Firstly, the design is utterly charming. Resembling a delightful egg, it’s compact enough to slip into your pocket or handbag effortlessly. Whether you opt for sleek black, vibrant pink, or elegant silver, each design embodies Jennie’s signature style, ensuring you make a statement wherever you choose to showcase it—be it clipped onto a bag, belt loop, or keyring.

Lip Balm Scent Profiles

Now, let’s talk about the lip balm itself. Tamburins is renowned for its luxurious formulations, and this collaboration with Jennie is no exception. Indulge in an array of enticing scents, including Rose Woody, Milk Tea, and Woody Green, each infused with nourishing, natural ingredients to pamper your lips and leave them feeling irresistibly smooth throughout the day.

Milk Tea

Encased in a speckled white and black egg-shaped container, reminiscent of black tea with a subtle floral scent, this lip balm captures the soothing aroma of a cup of black tea infused with a touch of creamy milk, offering a comforting and tranquil sensation.
  • Top: Bergamot, Lemon
  • Middle: Black Tea
  • Base: Coconut

Rose Woody

If you’re in search of the ideal summer floral aroma, then this lip balm is your go-to choice. Blending the classic charm of rose with a touch of contemporary elegance, this scent encapsulates a refined yet modern essence. Its sleek and metallic packaging adds a fashionable and modern touch, promising a trendy and one-of-a-kind experience.

  • Top: Grapefruits
  • Middle: Olibanum, Rose attar
  • Base: Musk

Woody Green

In this little black textured egg, this lip balm unveils a captivating fragrance reminiscent of the invigorating scent of fresh grass in a dew-kissed forest at daybreak. Ideal for those who appreciate a musky, earthy aroma, it offers an intriguing sensory experience.

  • Top: Mandarin Juice Extract, Buchu Leaves, Basil
  • Middle: Lavender, Thyme White
  • Base: Vanilla


If you rather unscented lip balms, then this choice is tailor-made for you. It releases a soft and understated aroma, gently perfuming the air around you.

So, whether you’re a dedicated Blackpink enthusiast or simply seeking an upgrade for your lip care routine, the Tamburins Egg-shaped Lip Balm is the perfect solution. With its enticing flavors, chic design, and versatile functionality, it serves as the ultimate accessory for those on the move. Make sure to include a visit to Seoul in your plans and grab hold of any of these four lip balms!

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