A luxury skincare brand like La Mer needs a legendary ambassador to embody the brand’s prestige, and who better than the iconic artist Jay Chou?

La Mer has unveiled the wildly popular Mandopop singer as the latest face of the brand, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Read on for more details on this new partnership!

La Mer’s History

With over five decades of experience in the skincare industry, La Mer’s commitment to science translates into innovative products that indulge your skin and deliver noticeable results.

The secret weapon? The brand’s patented Miracle Broth!

This ingredient harnesses the power of the sea through sustainably sourced giant sea kelp, along with a blend of vitamins and minerals to nourish your skin.

The unique formula undergoes three to four months of fermentation and exposure to light and sound waves, in order to create the perfect products for La Mer.

As a luxurious and sought-after skincare brand, partnering with one of Asia’s most influential artists is definitely a fititng choice for La Mer!

Partnership With Jay Chou

Nicknamed the “King of Mandopop,” Jay Chou is La Mer’s very first male ambassador, making this collaboration a new step in the brand’s journey.

He’s known for his constant evolution and youthful spirit, making him a perfect fit for La Mer’s dedication to cutting-edge skincare for everyone.

Jay Chou has revealed that he personally connects with La Mer’s philosophy. “I believe that youth is not fleeting; it’s timeless,” he shared. “With La Mer, the youthful energy of skin can be recharged.”

In his debut campaign, the star introduces La Mer’s iconic Treatment Lotion. Packed with their signature Miracle Broth, this hydrating lotion delivers all-day moisture and soothes the skin.

As the first step after cleansing, the lightweight formula penetrates deeply to promote cell renewal, for a radiant and healthy complexion that shines from within!