Like in Malaysia, Japanese high schools prohibit the wearing of makeup. If caught, students are asked to wipe it off in the school bathroom since it goes against the school’s rules.

Lately, a video featuring a Japanese girl effortlessly flaunting her makeup routine in a Japanese high school has made a comeback, causing a viral sensation.

It’s widely known as “Gakkou Makeup” (or “School Makeup”), and beauty creators are hopping on the trend, adding their own unique twists. Thanks to @itsjennze’s video, we’re here to walk you through giving this makeup look a shot!

(Note: We don’t encourage flouting school rules. However, the Gakkou Makeup is also a great way to enhance your features subtly without looking like you have a full face of makeup on.)

Step #1: Use a Tone-up Essence

Instead of foundation, the Japanese content creator opts for a tone-up essence or gel, essentially a pigmented sunscreen that evens out the skin tone. The one she uses is the Shiseido Majolica Majorca Nude Make Gel, while Jenn uses the TIRTIR Your Mask Fit Tone-Up Essence.

undetectable makeup tone up

This essence provides a skin-like finish, lasts long, and naturally brightens your complexion.

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Step #2: Colour Correct Imperfections (Optional)

If you have specific discolorations like dark circles or blemishes, conceal them by colour-correcting with concealer.

undetectable makeup conceal

Apply the concealer to the blemishes and gently tap it in using a finger sponge.


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Step #3: Fill in Eyebrows (Optional)

Another optional step is to lightly fill in sparse eyebrows using brow powder. Brow powder is discreet, making it difficult to be caught.


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  • Cezanne Nose & Eyebrow Powder (#01) retails for RM49.90 at Watsons online.

Step #4: Set the Base with Powder

Prevent your face from appearing oily throughout the day by using a light setting powder and dabbing it all over your face.


Don’t forget under the eye area.

undetectable makeup powder undereyes

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  • Canmake Silky Loose Moist Powder retails for RM62.91 on Shopee.

Step #5: Add Blush and Eyeshadow (Optional)

Jenn adds her personal touch by incorporating a bit of blush and eyeshadow. Blush and eyeshadow can be giveaways, so tread carefully.

For blush, use a fan brush to lightly sweep it over the apples of your cheeks.


Apply a neutral warm brown eyeshadow across the eyelids.

undetectable makeup eyelids shadow

Then, use a slightly darker brown shade to emphasise the lower lash line.

undetectable makeup underlids shadow

Create a small, short wing on the outer edge of your eyes using a dark brown shade and a tiny angled brush.

undetectable makeup wing shadow

Lastly, use that same brown shade to contour the aegyosal.


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Step #6: Enhance Eyelashes

Curl your natural lashes with a lash curler and use clear mascara to avoid smudging, following the Japanese girl’s preference.


Alternatively, Jenn goes for a taupe mascara instead of black, finding it to be more natural-looking and less conspicuous.


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  • Rom&nd Han All Fix Mascara (Ash) retails for RM49.68 on Wooh.
  • Canmake Clear Coat Mascara retails for RM43.89 on Shopee.

Step #7: Finish with Lips

As the makeup aims for a natural look, apply a My Lips But Better (MLBB) shade sheer lip tint all over the lips. The goal is to add a sheer wash of colour for a fresh look.


And there you have it! This is how you can discreetly wear makeup in a Japanese high school—a genuinely natural way to enhance your features with minimal, everyday makeup.

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Are you willing to give this a try?

Featured image credits: @itsjennze/TikTok, @ladylilacj/TikTok, @KawaiiPateen/Youtube.