Jacquelle Beaute, a little-known treasure from Indonesia, may not be on everyone’s radar in Malaysia, but their exceptional blushers, eyebrow powders, and beauty tools have already captured the hearts of many back home.

Picture a makeup collection that not only enhances your appearance but also fills you with sheer joy through its delightful charm. And to make it even more adorable, their newest collaboration with Disney has brought to life an irresistibly fluffy Winnie-the-Pooh collection.

Trust us, you won’t want to miss out on these precious makeup treasures, so stick around and uncover more!

Jacquelle Cushion Case

Jacquelle Beaute Winnie the Pooh collection

The Jacquelle Cushion Case doesn’t function as a makeup product on its own, but it acts as a charming foundation dispenser. Rather than purchasing a separate cushion foundation, this clever case allows you to effortlessly transform your favourite liquid foundation into one.

Jacquelle Beaute Winnie the Pooh collection

Credits: @jacquelle_official/TikTok

To get started, simply open the case and take out the fresh white sponge. Then, pump your preferred foundation onto the sponge, aiming for about 20 to 25 pumps. Once you’re done, carefully place the sponge back into the case and gently press it with the applicator.

These cushion cases are available in two delightful designs: Winnie-the-Pooh and Piglet. They are not only lightweight and compact, but also feature a soft furry texture that feels incredibly pleasant to the touch.

The Winnie-the-Pooh edition goes the extra mile with a charming honeycomb pattern on the sponge and an adorable Pooh design on the applicator!

Jacquelle Cushion Case retails for RM57.09 and is available on Shopee.

Jacquelle Tinted Lipcloud

Jacquelle Beaute Winnie the Pooh collection

Here’s another adorable collectible for all the lippie lovers out there – the Tinted Lipcloud!

These lip products are a fusion of lip tint and lip balm, infused with three distinct botanical oils and honey extracts to hydrate, illuminate, and enhance the fullness of your lips.

The texture of these semi-glosses is extremely weightless, providing a heavenly sensation on your lips without any tackiness.

And the most exciting aspect? They are completely transfer-proof, ensuring you can go about your day without fretting about leaving marks everywhere!

Jacquelle Beaute Winnie the Pooh collection

You can select from three stunning shades, and each Lipcloud is packaged in an adorable capsule-like container with a fluffy Pooh keychain:

  • BFF: A sweet pink shade that will instantly brighten up your complexion.
  • Love: A beautiful coral peach shade that will look lovely on warm undertones.
  • Cuddle: A calm berry shade that exudes an elegant vibe.

Jacquelle Tinted Lipcloud retails for RM62.59 and is available on Shopee.

Jacquelle BlushHer Blush

Jacquelle Beaute Winnie the Pooh collection

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grab the BlushHer Blush On from this collection. The shades are incredibly versatile, doubling as eyeshadows for your convenience.

Moreover, these blushes are designed to be long-lasting and buildable, allowing you to achieve the ideal amount of colour. Their compact packaging includes a mirror and puff, making them perfect for quick touch-ups while on the move.

Jacquelle Beaute Winnie the Pooh collection

These blushes are ideal for enhancing your complexion with a beautiful pop of colour. You can choose from two shades:

  • Soulmate: This candy pink shade has a touch of shimmer, giving you a radiant and dewy look.
  • Together: If you prefer a clean and fresh finish, this spring coral shade with a matte finish is the perfect choice!

Jacquelle BlushHer Blush retails for RM56.65 and is available on Shopee.

Jacquelle Friendship Eyeshadow Palette

Jacquelle Beaute Winnie the Pooh collection

The Friendship Eyeshadow Palette is a must-have addition to any makeup collection. It embodies the essence of fun with its honeycomb-shaped packaging, which exudes a touch of luxury through the premium fleece detailing around the rim.

Within this palette, you’ll discover six stunning warm-toned shades. This includes a combination of matte, shimmer, and glitter finishes, ensuring a versatile range of options. The shades are expertly crafted with super fine particles, resulting in intense pigmentation and a formula that effortlessly blends.

Jacquelle Beaute Winnie the Pooh collection

Achieve a warm and cozy look this spring with these delightful Pooh-approved shades like Dream, Adventure, and Honey!

Jacquelle Friendship Eyeshadow Palette retails for RM110.55 and is available on Shopee.