Jackson Wang finally revealed his signature scent! Find out where you can get it

By Shervon Thiam
23 December, 2022

With the number of concerts, events, and parties this star has hosted in the region, Jackson Wang is no stranger to us.

The GOT7 member recently visited our neighbouring country, Singapore, for an exclusive fan event held by beauty brand Skin Inc at The Pavilion in Far East Square.

Fans travelled to Singapore to see him, but they got more than just a glimpse of him at the fan meet. The star actually revealed the scent he uses.

What scent does Jackson Wang use?


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♬ Dopamine – Jackson Wang

At the recent fan event, TikTok user @zehvier asked Jackson what perfume he uses. The star responded, “I use Armani. Armani Yulong”.

After some digging, we have found all the details about his go-to fragrance and where you can get it.

Details of Jackson’s go-to fragrance

Photo source: @armanibeauty/Instagram

This star was referring to Giorgio Armani Beauty Prive The Yulong Eau De Toilette Spray.

It’s an aromatic scent with a clean, fresh, and earthy smell. You’ll catch notes of black tea, green tea, mandarin orange, cardamom, and petitgrain.

The blend creates an earthy yet soothing and refreshing scent we want to wear!

Where can you get Jackson’s perfume?

Photo source: @armanibeauty/Instagram

Lucky for us, this fragrance is still available at several retailers. Here are the retail sites we have found for you:

  1. The fragrance retails for S$135 (~RM443.57) (50ml) and S$194 (~RM637.43) (100ml), available at Selfridges. Take note that shipping to Malaysia is around £25 (~RM133.44).
  2. Giorgio Armani Beauty Prive The Yulong Eau De Toilette Spray retails for RM680 (100ml), available at Armani Beauty.

Featured image credit: @zehvier/TikTok and @armanibeauty/Instagram