The beauty world is definitely no prude. After all, some of our most famous products carry names like “orgasm” (NARS’ blush) and “naked” (Urban Decay’s palettes). And don’t even get us started on the many advertisements featuring half-naked bodies for perfumes.

But even so, this is the first time a beauty product ever made us go “this is NSFW”.

We’re talking about LIPS, a new collection of lipsticks launched by British makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench. This is the third collection for her namesake makeup brand and it features lipsticks that have cases that look exactly like huge penises – but metallic.

The bold collection consists of two phallic lipsticks that are made of zinc alloy and weigh almost 300g – heavier than your usual lipstick.

Like all of her products, Ffrench has intended for it to double as art objects. This means that the penis-shaped lipstick is designed such that it can be displayed on the shelf along with other sculptures and keepsakes.

There are two lipsticks in the LIPS collection: Water Balm, a black shimmer lipstick in a black gunmetal case, and Colour Infusion Lipstick, a red satin lipstick in a silver chrome metal case.

The former has a water-like finish and a shimmery finish, while the latter features an intense pigment that gives you a bold look with just one stroke.

The lipsticks are currently out of stock. but if you get your hands on one, will you dare use it in public in conservative Malaysia?

Isamaya Beauty LIPS lipsticks retail for US$95 each and are available on the brand’s website. They are both currently sold out.

All images from @isamayabeauty/Instagram