Whether you belong to the Gen Z or Millennials crowds, you can’t deny how increasingly popular tattoos have become (partly because of how it’s normalised these days).

The love and appreciation for tattoos aren’t immune to public figures either — we see them adorning the bodies of celebrities, fashionistas, athletes, and more.

Having tattoos serves as a way for us to express ourselves and show off our style, but on the other side, many are indulging in tattoos as a form of self-care while they elevate their appearance.

As TikTok user Delaney Bailey said (or rather, sang), “Don’t be sad, go get a tattoo”.


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However, for some of us who are indecisive and can’t seem to commit to one permanent tattoo, LG Household & Health Care (LG H&H) has unveiled a portable temporary tattoo printer that’s now available globally!

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What can the IMPRINTU do?

imprintu temporary tattoo printer

Credit: @imprintu_official/Instagram

The hashtag #tinytattoo has over 1.1 billion views on TikTok, so we wouldn’t be surprised if this temporary tattoo printer rises to be a trendy device to own.

A combined wordplay on “print” and “impromptu” LG H&H’s IMPRINTU features a custom CMY cartridge that uses the same pigment as lip tint ink, making it temporary and skin-safe.

The machine takes two to three seconds to be ready to print tattoos with a print resolution of 600 dots per inch. Whether it’s little hearts, colourful butterflies, or edgy symbols, this handy device can print almost anything onto the skin.

However, do bear in mind that the maximum width for an IMPRINTU printed tattoo is 1.45cm and can go as far as 50cm in length.

imprintu temporary tattoo printer

Credit: @imprintu_official/Instagram

This printer device can also be used on objects, which makes it perfect for decorating letters, bullet journalling, and even customising your denimwear.

How does the IMPRINTU work?


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Just like how some skincare devices are complete with a mobile app, this temporary tattoo printer also has an app filled with countless designs from cool artists. You can also choose to upload a JPG image of your own choosing!

For the best results, prime your skin with their Powder primer and blend it out nicely before lightly sliding the printer over your skin.


Replying to @Amalia👨🏻‍🦲🥽 each tint palette lasts for 1000 tattoos! 🫡 or a tattoo everyday, 7 days a week for 2.73972603 years 😌

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The best part? It’s painless and you won’t have to sit or lay down for hours to get tatted. Nor will you need to go through the downtime of a bleeding and healing tattoo.

Although these printed tattoos won’t last forever, they can last for a whole day or even longer with proper care and there’s also a Balm Fixer to make your tattoo waterproof.

LG H&H is planning on bringing on more famous tattooists and has even partnered up with BTS’ tattoo artist POLYC to come up with a plethora of chic, trendy designs.

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Where to get your hands on the IMPRINTU and start getting inked

imprintu temporary tattoo printer

As mentioned above, the IMPRINTU temporary tattoo printer is now available for worldwide shipping. However, they currently only ship to Singapore. If you’re keen, you can still get the IMPRINTU via a parcel forwarding service like Janio or JustShip.

One device is priced at about RM1,156.60 and their full set (complete with the tint palette and powder primer) sets you back around S$400 (~RM1,371) without shipping costs.

Sure, it may seem like a hefty sum, but one full set is about the price of four or five permanent tattoos in Malaysia or even half the price of one to two tattoos by a Korean artist or very experienced tattooist.

If you’re into designs specifically by Korean artists and prefer having some versatility in ‘styling’ your body, this device could be a great fit for you!

For those considering purchasing, watch this comprehensive review on the IMPRINTU by YouTuber jiragn here!

IMPRINTU Full Set (IMPRINTU + Tint Palette + Powder Primer) retails for about RM1,388.85 (USD299) at imprintu.com. The device itself retails for about RM1,156.60 (USD249) on their website but is currently unavailable at the time of writing, and the Balm Fixer retails for about RM88.25 (USD19).

Feature image credit: @imprintu_official/TikTok and Instagram