Placing trust in an “aesthetician” without the necessary licensing and certification for your surgery is an incredibly risky endeavor, which can ultimately lead to disastrous consequences.
This unfortunate scenario became a haunting reality for a 29-year-old woman, resulting in a tragic loss of her life.

She fell ill immediately after the surgery

Credit: Lewis Chea/Facebook

The deceased woman’s husband, named Huang, informed Sin Chew Daily that his wife had met the beautician who operated on her through a mutual friend. She underwent the surgery on 29 July in the beautician’s home in Skudai, Johor Bahru, and woke up with an uncomfortable pain in her chest immediately.

She felt dizzy and uncomfortable throughout the day, and the swelling in her chest remained.

Thinking that this was to be expected after a surgery, she did not worry too much, until she went into a clinic for a medical treatment the following day. The doctor informed her that her condition was alarming as she had an overdose of anaesthetic in her body.

After being sent to the hospital immediately, she was admitted to a general ward.

Four days after the surgery, her condition had deteriorated significantly and she was sent into the Intensive Care Unit for emergency treatment.

She was pronounced dead two hours later, leaving behind her 9-year-old and 12-year-old children.

She did not want to go through with the surgery initially

Huang shared with Sin Chew Daily that his wife had initial reservations about the breast augmentation surgery, and only contacted the beautician to undergo a micro-facial “thread pulling” surgery to lift and firm her facial skin.

However, the beautician had convinced her to get breast enlargement surgery as well. She chose not to back out after the beautician had told her that she had already procured the necessary materials for the surgery.

The hospital has since taken blood samples to ascertain the cause of death. While results will only return in three months, the doctor revealed that it was likely due to a bacterial infection from the surgery due to the high amount of bacteria found in the region that was operated on.

Deceased’s family holds memorial, warns others against such operations

Credit: Chinese Press Johor/YouTube

The family has since held a memorial service for the mother-of-two, and also warned those who are considering approaching unlicensed microsurgeons to think twice.

The alleged beautician, who has received backlash from netizens, has turned her once-public TikTok account into private mode and has not made a statement regarding the matter.

When it comes to matters related to our health, cutting corners should be a no-go. If you’re considering cosmetic surgery, be sure to conduct thorough research and only work with doctors who are registered on the official National Medical Council.