These honeycomb eyeshadow palettes must have been the prettiest products we’ve seen in a while and we fell in love with them immediately.

These are from HOLD LIVE Cosmetics, a mid-range C-beauty brand, and they come in three variants.

Honeycomb Palette featured

The detailing on these are gorgeous, and you can clearly see everything through the see-through case.

What’s great is that these nine-colour eyeshadow palettes not only look good, but are also great in terms of pigmentation.

You can really make your eyes stand out with these palettes as all three variations have beautiful matte and shimmer shades.

HOLD LIVE #601 Honeycomb Honey Pink Brown

Honeycomb Palette 601

Beautiful shades of pinks, browns, and pearlescent beiges are in the first palette. We’re seriously stunned at how pretty the shimmery shades look.

Fans of pink eye makeup are going to be very pleased as there are so many shades of it to work with.

HOLD LIVE #602 Honeycomb Honey Tea Milk Coffee

Honeycomb Palette 602

However, our favourite palette has got to be the one with ‘honey tea’ and ‘milk coffee’ shades. The gorgeous browns featured in this palette really remind us of these sweet drinks!

These pale beiges and browns will really bring a subtle yet natural look to your eyes and look great on any Asian skin tone.

HOLD LIVE #603 Honeycomb Honey Powder Mist Brown

Honeycomb Palette 603

You’re going to love this Honey Powder Mist Brown one too.  It’s super versatile as it’s got so many wearable shades to work with.

You can have a lot of fun mixing and matching with all the beiges, pinks, peaches, and browns.

The HOLD LIVE Honeycomb palette retails for RM60 on Shopee and RM38.90 on Lazada.

Featured image credit: RED & Shopee