We consider H&M one of our favourite clothing brands, so we’re super excited to share that they have recently released their own line of perfumes.

Not only are these scents sweet and fresh, but they are also super affordable, starting at RM27.95 for 20ml.

So, we’ll go over some of our favourite scents from the H&M perfume line, which you will be able to find on Zalora.

H&M T-Shirt EDT

H&M Perfume Line H&M T-Shirt EDT

If you love the scent of freshly laundered clothing, you’re going to fall madly in love with this scent. Subtle and comforting, it will remind you of newly dried, soft cotton on clean skin.

H&M Sunray EDT

H&M Perfume Line H&M Sunray EDT

This EDT will bring to mind walking on a warm, sandy beach with the salty waves lapping at your feet and the golden warmth of sun on your skin.

H&M Vanilla EDT

H&M Perfume Line H&M Vanilla EDT

Like the smell of butter cookies hot out of the oven? This scent is just like creamy sweetness meeting luxe vanilla for a gentle feminine fragrance.

H&M Petals EDT

H&M Perfume Line H&M Petals EDT

Those who prefer a scent that is lighter and more feminine can go for this one as it is just like frolicking through a field of flowers.

H&M Flowerscape EDT

H&M Perfume Line H&M Flowerscape EDT

If you like floral scents that are stronger and more vivid, you will likely enjoy this one as it has key notes of green bergamot, sweet pea, yellow jasmine, amber, and oakmoss.

H&M Above the Clouds EDT

H&M Perfume Line H&M Above the clouds EDT

This EDT will take you high above the clouds and soaring through sunlit skies. Its key notes are cotton, rose, pink peppercorn, musk, and amber.

Featured image credit: H&M