Known for its signature Hydro-Stars pimple patches, Starface has released its second collaboration with Sanrio, bringing us the adorable new Hello Kitty® Lift Off Pore Strips!

Credit: Starface

As many of you know, pore strips instantly unclog your pores by pulling away dirt and oil. When you remove them, you’ll get instant gratification from seeing the blackheads on these pore strips.

Credit: Starface

Each box consists of eight powerful pore strips with the same formula as their original Lift Off Pore Strips. Of course, these have that little extra Sanrio flair. The pore strips use aloe vera, which is an anti-inflammatory ingredient that calms irritation and angry skin. It also uses witch hazel and tea tree to tighten and prevent clogged pores.

Credit: Starface

The cuteness level of this collaboration is off the charts with such an adorable design. Even better, they’re also environmentally friendly! Simply chuck your used pore strip into the bin and deposit the rest of the packaging into recycling.

Starface and Sanrio’s Hello Kitty® Lift Off Pore Strips retail for US$7.99 (RM33.33) (eight strips) and are available here. Starface does not ship to Malaysia so you would have to prepare your own mail-forwarding service.

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