We never thought we wanted brushes with Snoopy’s face on them, but now the Japanese Peanuts Kumanofude Brush Collection is coming and we’re absolutely in love.

Kumanofude brushes are handcrafted using traditional methods by craftsmen in Kumano-Cho, Hiroshima Japan. Historically the region is known for their quality calligraphy brushes, with manufacturers having up to 10 years in training.

When you buy this limited-edition collection, you know you’re getting the highest of quality!

Snoopy Kabuki Brush

Snoopy Kabuki Brush

This kabuki brush uses two different coloured bristles to make the image of Snoopy’s face, and we’re all for it. Plus, the wooden storage box it’s kept in is also moisture-proof.

Used in Kabuki Japanese drama theatre to apply loose powder, Kabuki brushes are now a favourite applicator for both loose powders and liquid formulas, making it perfect for blending and buffing.

The Snoopy Kabuki Brush retails for 6,600 yen (~RM241.24).

Belle Cheek Brush

Belle Cheek Brush

Featuring Snoopy’s sister Belle, this heart-shaped cheek brush has captured our hearts – pun unintended. We especially love the ombré pastel pink and white colours of the brush.

The cute shape is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional as they’re designed to fit on the cheeks, so you look good with a single brush.

The Belle Cheek Brush retails for 4,070 yen (~RM148.77).

Woodstock Eye Brush

Woodstock Eye Brush

The yellow ombré of the bristles here are inspired by the colours of Woodstock, Snoopy’s best friend.

Along with the engraved artwork on the box of Snoopy and Woodstock, this brush gives off a touch of playfulness.

The Woodstock Eye Brush retails for 2,640 yen (~RM96.50).

If you’re interested in these brushes, do keep an eye out! We know we are.

The Japanese Peanuts Kumanofude Brush Collection is to be officially released on the 13 November at the Hikidashi online store (pre-sale is currently available) and at the Peanuts LIFE & TIMES (Nishinomiya Hankyu, Level 4).

Featured image credit: Snoopy Japan