Calling out all Harry Potter lovers!

Get ready to be spellbound because SHEGLAM has brewed something magical that you would love.

Do you consider yourself a Potterhead; being obsessed with the Harry Potter franchise? For instance, follow fan pages on social media, change your phone wallpaper, and hey, maybe you’ve purchased some Harry Potter merchandise, as well as their book collection.

And if you’re a beauty enthusiast too, nothing sparks more joy than seeing makeup brands roll out a product or collection, themed after your favourite characters or movies.

Well, if that’s the case, you might have been missing out on this one particular beauty product that shouts Harry Potter more than anything else!

Curious to know more? Here’s a hint: it comes in a mini cauldron!

Harry Potter™ Magic Cauldron Lip Mask


Formulated with ultra-hydrating meadowfoam seed oil formula, this lip mask nourishes lips over time with continued use! 👏 (ID 18975337)ID: 18975339 sheglam sheglamcollection sheglamharrypotter harrypotter makeup makeuptrend beautytok lipmask

♬ original sound – SHEGLAM – SHEGLAM

Whether you’re from the house of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin, you’ll want to carry this magical potion wherever you go.

The Magic Cauldron Lip Mask features a gentle lavender hue that turns transparent upon application, leaving your lips with a glossy shine.


Cast a spell on dry and cracked lips! Featuring a compact mini cauldron and matching spatula, easily glide this lip mask on your lips without wasting a single drop! 💋 Shop yours now at 🛍️(ID 18975337)sheglam sheglamcollection sheglamharrypotter harrypotter makeup makeuptrend beautytok lipmask

♬ original sound – SHEGLAM – SHEGLAM


@sheglam‘s Harry Potter lip mask is like a strong magic spell for your parched lips! It’s all thanks to the secret ingredient – meadowfoam seed oil. This powerful potion works wonders by smoothing and nourishing your dry lips, making them soft and supple.

The lip mask is also infused with vitamin E, a true wizard in the world of hydration. It works tirelessly to keep your lips moisturised and locks in moisture after every single use.

This retails for RM23.31 (USD4.99) on SHEGLAM.

SHEGLAM x Harry Potter Bewitching Brews Lip Gloss Set


Adorn your lips with each potion-inspired lip gloss from our Bewitching Brews Lip Gloss Set 💋(Lip gloss set ID: 18975336, lip gloss ID:19160394) sheglam sheglamcollection sheglamharrypotter harrypotter makeup makeuptrend beautytok lipglosssheglam shegalmcollection sheglamharrypotter harrypotter unboxing makeup viralmakeup lipgloss swatch

♬ original sound – SHEGLAM – SHEGLAM

They’ve also got an enchanting addition to their lineup: the Harry Potter Bewitching Brews Lip Gloss Set.

Inspired by the pages of Libatius Borage’s Advanced Potion Making textbook, this collection comes in the most Harry Potter-inspired packaging imaginable.

It’s complete with four captivating shades and each lip gloss in the set is designed to evoke the magic of the Wizarding World, drawing inspiration from some of the brews in the wizarding world like Felix Felicis, Polyjuice Potion, Amortentia, and Draught of Living Death.

  • Amortentia Lip Gloss: Infused with physalis fruit extract, this potion offers a nourishing brew for your lips, leaving them soft and supple.
  • Felix Felicis Lip Gloss: Enriched with thyme extract, it not only nourishes your lips but also brings an extra dose of luck to your day.
  • Polyjuice Potion Lip Gloss: This potion contains a dash of glitter for an enchanting, sparkly pout. It’s also formulated with millet seed extract, ensuring a glossy finish and continuous lip moisture.
  • Draught of Living Death Lip Gloss: Featuring lavender extract, this potion carries a sweet floral aroma while soothing your lips, leaving them with a glassy pout that’s irresistibly attractive.

This retails for ~RM74.68 ($15.99) on SHEGLAM.