This beauty product certainly looks like a gummy bear, so much that we’re tempted to take a bite into it!


This is actually the Beautycleanser Solid Gummy Bear Limited-Edition Hand, Sponge & Brush Cleanser by Beautyblender.


This super cute solid cleanser is part of the Beary Flawless Blend & Cleanse Set that also comes with a Beautyblender Champagne Makeup Sponge, as well as the Bear Necessities Cleansing Set that also carries a Gummy Bear Limited-Edition Silicone Cleansing Mat.

beautyblender gummy bear solid cleanser 1

This sweet-looking bear-shaped product may look like everyone’s favourite candy but it is actually used to cleanse your brushes and sponges, and even your hands. Designed for a thorough cleanse, this solid cleanser helps remove makeup, germs, and grime from your beautyblender sponge and other makeup tools.

The Daily Vanity team gave the product a whirl and likede how it is able to lather up to a significant amount of foam. The curves on the bear also helped rub makeup out of the beautyblender sponge, even if you’re not using a mat.

The Beary Flawless Blend & Cleanse Set retails for RM119 and will be available at Sephora from 1 June. Price and date of launch for the Bear Necessities Cleansing Set is to be confirmed.

All photos taken by Daily Vanity.