Last year Baby Yoda took over the Internet as it’s biggest craze when The Mandalorian premiered. It’s no wonder Colourpop’s The Child Shadow Palette did so well last year.

Now Colourpop has yet again partnered with Lucasfilm to release a full makeup collection inspired by The Mandalorian, and it looks like the way to go.

From a new shimmering eyeshadow palette to a hand mirror and pouch, this galactic collection has everything you need to look like a star.

The Mandalorian & The Child Shadow Palette

Missed out on last year’s eyeshadow palette? Rejoice because Colourpop has restocked its The Child Eye Shadow palette.

It has monochromatic olive greens featuring olives, golds, and neutral tones in a range of finishes from matte to metallic, as well as an image of the cute fella right by the mirror alongside the words “cutest in the galaxy”.

This time however, The Child comes right alongside The Mandalorian shadow palette, featuring buttery matte, matte with sparkle, and shimmering metallic finishes. Its shadows are aptly named, with names like “Beskar Steel”, “Clan of Two”, and “This is the Way”.

The Mandalorian is shown on the palette alone and in front of the mirror with Grogu. Sounds cute? What’s even cuter is that the bottom of the mirror also says, “Wherever he goes, I go”!

The Child Shadow Palette and the Mandalorian Shadow Palette retail for US$16 (~RM66.67) here and here respectively. You can get both in a set for US$32 (~RM133.34) here.

The Rescue Lux Lip Oil Kit

This set of lip oils come in two glossy shades: a clear shade called Grogu with flecks of green, gold, and silver glitter, and a sheer, warm pink terracotta shade called Djarin.

Infused with a blend of chamomile and calendula oils, this formula is super nourishing and lightweight. You could go about your day feeling almost nothing on your super soft lips.

The Rescue Lip Lux Oil Kit retails for US$18 (~RM75) here.

The Child Hand Mirror

Can’t get enough of Grogu? Well he’s got your back and will ensure you look fabulous with this The Child hand mirror. He’s pictured sitting in his hovering pram with his hands on the edge on both the back of the mirror and the packaging.

In a light shade of milky green, you’d almost expect the mirror to grow a pair of long ears on the side. No doubt this will make a fun addition to anyone’s vanity.

The Child Hand Mirror retails for US$12 (~RM50) here.

Cutest in the Galaxy Makeup Bag

Keep your collection of goodies in this adorable makeup bag. Grogu stares intently at you as the words “cutest in the galaxy” are displayed above him in pastel green.

Maybe you noticed the playful frog sitting in the corner alongside him, but you probably didn’t see that the zipper is in the shape of a frog as well, giving this bag another extra cute touch.

The Cutest in the Galaxy Makeup Bag retails for $15 (~RM62.52) here.

The Mandalorian Collection Set

Deck yourself out with the full set as only a Sith deals in absolutely amazing makeup like this.

Snag an early Christmas present for yourself with the full The Mandalorian Collection Set which includes everything we’ve mentioned above.

The Mandalorian Collection Set retails for $75 (~RM312.51) here.

Not sure what to get and worried about items being sold out? Don’t worry as you can also grab the collection on starting November 28. May the force be with you in your makeup purchases.

Featured image credit: Colourpop