We’re pretty sure you’ve seen in movies – those adorable girls selling boxes of tempting cookies? They’re called Girl Scout Cookies, and they’re often described as “the best cookies ever!”


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Now, imagine capturing that same excitement, but for your makeup bag? Hard Candy, a makeup brand, has launched a Girl Scout makeup collection inspired by these iconic treats, and it’s not your average beauty line.

We’re talking playful colours, irresistible textures, and maybe even a hint of a familiar scent – all designed to unleash your inner makeup artist and satisfy your sweet tooth (almost!).

Girl Scout Makeup Collection


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This makeup collection brings the joy of Girl Scout Cookies right to your beauty routine! Inspired by the irresistible flavours of Thin Mints, Coconut Caramel, and Trefoils, each product is not only designed to make you look fabulous but also smells deliciously like your favourite cookies.


✨GIRL SCOUT COOKIE MAKEUP?!✨ This is the new Hard Candy x Girl Scout Cookies makeup collection “Makeup Just Got Sweeter”. Such a cool concept for a collection! Everything that I tried I liked! The lip and eye products all smell like the different types of cookies. There are a couple extra things in the collection that I didn’t feature in the video like press on nails, stickers, primer and highlighter. You can shop this collection on the Hard Candy website as well as Walmart! What do you guys think?! 💓 Hard Candy x Girl Scouts Makeup Bag $10USD 💓 Get Ready Plush Headband $10USD (2 options) 💓Cookie-Scented Shadow Palette $10USD (3 color stories) 💓 Cookie Batter Indulgent Volumizing Mascara $7USD 💓 Cookie Glaze Lip Marker $7USD (3 shades) 💓 Sweet Treat Lip Repair Oil $8USD (3 shades) @Hard Candy @Girl Scouts @Walmart @Vianney Strick

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So, whether you’re craving a minty-fresh look, a hint of coconut sweetness, or the classic comfort of buttery shortbread, this collection has got you covered with makeup that’s as yummy as it is glamorous.

A TikToker, Vianney Strick, claims that their makeup palette smells exactly like the delicious, mouth-watering cookies! She also expressing her love for the entire collection as she tried out all the makeup products from this collection.

Girl Scouts Cookie-Scented Shadow Palette

This perfectly pigmented palette includes blend-able shades of creamy mattes, shimmering pearls, lustrous metallics and glittery goodness to experiment and create the most decadent looks.

It comes in three different palettes inspired by the Girl Scout cookie flavours, Thin Mints, Coconut Caramel and Trefoil.

Get this for RM47.17 (each) from Hard Candy

Girl Scouts Cookie Batter Indulgent Volumizing Mascara

And for all you gals who love a volumised lash look, get ready to indulge in chocolate decadence! Make a bold statement with this creamy volumising formula that coats each lash with rich colour and intense volume.

The hourglass brush ensures every lash is volumised and defined, leaving you with luscious, dramatic lashes.

Get this for RM33.02 from Hard Candy

Girl Scouts Hand Shake Press On Nails

Comes in three awesome colours – red, blue, and green, these press-on nails are like bringing the salon home! You’ll get that professional manicure done without even stepping out. And here’s the best part – each kit packs in 24 nails to suit all sizes and styles, and you even get a cool sticker set to add some extra flair.

Get this for RM37.74 (each) from Hard Candy

Girl Scouts Refresh Mint Canvas Primer

Looking for a way to refresh your skin and set your makeup well? This primer is packed with a Choco-Mint Complex, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid to keep your skin refreshed, while the metal cooling tip will leave your skin feeling revitalised.

Plus, it’s a colour-changing primer, which means it adapts to your skin tone for a perfect match every time.

Get this for RM47.08 from Hard Candy

Girl Scouts Cookie Icing Face Highlighter

Add the perfect finishing touch to your makeup with this Cookie Icing face highlighter. This unique icing, inspired by Girl Scouts cookies, is infused with creamy moisture and a pearly finish to give your face a sweet highlight. Use it wherever you want to add a touch of glow.

Choose from two shades: Coconut Caramel (warm) and Trefoil (cool).

Get this for RM37.74 (each) from Hard Candy

Girl Scouts Cookie Glaze Lip Marker

Indulge in the delicious Cookie Glaze Lip Color for a confident pop of colour. The creamy texture ensures a comfortable wear while providing a beautiful hue.

Infused with Vitamin E and Shea Butter, this cookie-flavoured marker offers intense hydration for your lips. Select from three stunning shades:

  1. Thin Mints – Rich Brown
  2. Coconut Caramel – Warm Brown
  3. Trefoils – Cool Beige

Get this for RM33.02 (each) from Hard Candy

Girl Scouts Sweet Treat Lip Repair Oil

Rich in vitamin E, squalane, as well as jojoba oil, this lip repairing oil provides an intense hydration to your lips while also forming a protective barrier to lock in moisture.

Get this for RM37.74 from Hard Candy

Most of the products are currently out of stock, but you can always check their social media and/or website for restock updates and when you’d be able to get your hands on these delicious beauty treats.