Gender reveal parties are the new baby showers, and many love to share the news with their loved ones in creative ways.

We’re sure you have seen many gender reveal themes, such as popping a balloon to see if blue or pink confetti falls out from it or slicing a cake to see if the inside is made with blue or pink cream, as a way to tell to-be parents and party attendees the gender of the baby.

But, one gender reveal has taken us back with its creativity level, and we can’t wait to share it with you all.

Expecting Mother Unveils Baby’s Gender with Lion King-themed Nail Art

Expectant mothers are now turning to creative nail art to announce the gender of their baby. It’s less fanfare, more intimate, and you get to keep the memories on your nails for a few weeks – we absolutely love the idea.

Kimmie, an excited mum-to-be, reached out to her close friend and manicurist, @thenailaddict, to transform her regular manicure into a jaw-dropping gender reveal surprise. The result? A Lion King-themed nail art masterpiece featuring Simba and Nala with their adorable baby, held by Rafiki.


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The Lion King theme unfolded on each nail, capturing the essence of the beloved Disney classic and building anticipation for the baby’s gender revelation. @thenailaddict skilfully painted Kimmie’s nails with vibrant hues of blue and pink, maintaining suspense until the final moments of the big reveal.

The unique twist came in how the gender reveal was executed. Drawing inspiration from the iconic scene where Rafiki wipes paint on the baby’s head in the movie, @thenailaddict added her own creative touch. Using shades of pink and blue, she painted the correct shade on the baby’s forehead to unveil the gender.

The video showcasing this creative gender reveal has garnered over 140K likes, leaving viewers in awe of the joy and creativity infused into the moment. Followers even commented that it was the cutest gender reveal ever and we couldn’t agree more!

If you’re an expecting mother and would love to think outside the box to reveal your baby’s gender, this might just be it!

Gender Reveal Nail Inspirations!

If you’re excited about revealing your baby’s gender through nail arts, here are some inspiration just for you! So, forget confetti cannons and balloons; the newest gender reveal canvases are at your fingertips – literally.


A new way to do a baby gender reveal!!! & it’s reversible👌💓 #genderrevealnails #CreatorRevolution #genderreveal #boyorgirlchallenge #stylehacks #art

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This is another gender reveal that we absolutely adore. The manicure with colour-changing polish added the perfect touch of suspense, and the manicurist totally nailed it!

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Featured image credit: @thenailaddict