Looking to switch up your look with a fresh pair of coloured contact lenses? Here’s how you can score a free pair of lenses in Korea!

Coloured lenses have the power to instantly enhance  your appearance, adding that perfect final touch to your makeup.

OLENS, is one of the most renowned brands in Korea for coloured lenses, known for their high-quality products and their frequent collaborations with K-pop idols.

If you’ve ever dreamt of emulating your favorite idol’s makeup style and trying out the exact lenses they wear, keep reading to find out how to snag a complimentary pair from OLENS.

Why Is OLENS So Popular?

OLENS, founded in 2012, has gained immense popularity in Korea due to their reliable products and fashionable lens designs.

They have partnered with popular K-pop groups, including BLACKPINK, who were the faces of numerous successful OLENS campaigns, and NewJeans, their latest global ambassadors.

If you’re interested in trying out lenses that have been personally chosen by your favourite celebrities, OLENS could be the perfect brand for you.

Aside from being trendy and having celebrity support, OLENS also offers lenses that are affordable and comfortable. Their options include daily, biweekly, and monthly lenses, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs. It’s worth noting that their products have been approved by authorities like Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, which speaks to the brand’s reliability and commitment to safety.

What Options Does OLENS Offer?

Looking to experiment with a daring new style or simply enhance your everyday makeup? With over 250 colors to choose from, OLENS is sure to have the perfect lenses for you. Whether you prefer a natural look with brown or grey, or want to turn heads with blue or even pink, OLENS has got you covered.

One of their standout designs is the Moonrise range, which adds dimension and brings out the beauty of your eyes with a lighter color on the bottom half of the lens.

For a more striking look, check out their ViVi Ring range. These lenses feature a subtle darker ring around the lens, giving your eyes definition and creating an eye-catching effect.

Excited to try out these trendy options? Here’s how you can get your hands on these lenses for free!

How to Get Free Lenses?

If you find yourself in Hongdae, one of Korea’s most popular shopping districts, make sure to visit the OLENS Vision Centre for a chance to get a complimentary pair of lenses.

All you have to do is schedule a free eye test at the centre, and their experts will examine your eyes before letting you choose a lens design from the OLENS store. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to experiment with a new look using a reliable and high-quality brand.


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Since OLENS is incredibly popular, slots fill up fast. To avoid any disappointment, we highly recommend calling the Vision Centre in advance to secure your spot.

The next time you’re in Korea, make sure to give these free lenses a try. Who knows, you may just find your new favourite pair!

Featured image credits: @tina_yong/TikTok.