Attention all food enthusiasts and beauty lovers, brace yourselves because your wallets are about to take a hit!

K-beauty does not only excel in offering affordable yet top-notch beauty products, but they also captivate us with their charming packaging.

Over the years, we’ve witnessed a plethora of unique Korean makeup releases, ranging from collaborations with beloved characters to packaging shaped like adorable animals. (Yes, we must admit we’ve fallen into the trap of buying them solely because of their cuteness.)

However, there’s one aspect that K-beauty brands consistently return to, knowing it will win over everyone’s hearts — food!

Prepare to have your taste buds tempted as we delve into a world of lip tints, eye shadows, and other makeup products inspired by delectable treats. By the end of this article, you’ll be left craving for more!

Black Rouge Glow Bokki Tint

Black Rouge Glow Bokki Tint

Achieve luscious, full lips with Black Rouge’s Glow Bokki Tint, reminiscent of indulging in a savoury tteokbokki dish.

The tint effortlessly applies on the lips, delivering a shiny finish that transforms into a velvety matte look in just 30 seconds. Its long-lasting formula ensures the colour stays put for up to six hours, leaving behind a soft, subtle tint as it wears off.

Available in 12 different shades inspired by tteokbokki, the tints are categorised into three groups — Original, Rose, and Soy.

Tteokbokki Lip Tint Swatch

Credits: imcravingsushi/TikTok

The Original tints present a selection of four red hues, much like the spicy gochujang sauce. Similar to how the rose tteokbokki is a less intense alternative to gochujang tteokbokki, the Rose range showcases softer, sweeter shades of pink.

The Soy shades are exactly what you’d expect—versatile browns and nudes reminiscent of soy sauce, perfect for daily use!

Black Rouge Glow Bokki Tint retails from RM90.60 and is available at It is going at RM45.30 and the time of writing.

Alternative Stereo Steaming Milk Lip Potion

Alternative Stereo Steaming Milk Lip Potion

Elevate your lip colour with Alternative Stereo’s Steaming Milk Lip Potion! This lip milk is designed with a special formula that nourishes and hydrates your lips, leaving them soft and smooth.

Even when you opt for a matte lipstick, this product will ensure your lips stay moisturised. With Camellia Seed Oil, Vitamin E, and Narcissus Tazetta Bulb Extract, your lips will be pampered and looking their best.

Steaming Milk Swatch

Credits: @saeroniee/TikTok

You can utilise the Steaming Milk Lip Potion as a base for your lips or blend it with other lip products to achieve a creamy and smooth look.

Alternative Stereo Steaming Milk Lip Potion retails at RM164.25 and is available at Shopee. It is going at RM87.18 at the time of writing.

Fwee Lip & Cheek Blurry Pudding Pot

Fwee Lip & Cheek Blurry Pudding Pot

Fwee’s Lip & Cheek Blurry Pudding Pot offers a unique twist on traditional pudding with a matte finish. The blurring formula effortlessly hides imperfections, leaving you with a flawless, airbrushed look.

Despite its matte texture, don’t be fooled into thinking it will dry out your lips. On the contrary, it feels light and velvety, providing a comfortable wear all day long!

Fwee Pudding Pot Swatch

Credits: @anniedayoon/TikTok

With a wide selection of 30 shades available, you can pick from various nudes, peaches, pinks, reds, purples, and browns. Mix and match different shades to customise your own unique colour!

Fwee Lip & Cheek Blurry Pudding Pot retails at RM112.95 and is available at Shopee. It is going for RM87.47 at the time of writing.

CLIO Pro Eye Palette Air — Every Fruit Grocery

Clio Pro Eye Palette Air

Have you ever stepped into a grocery store and been greeted by rows of vibrant fruit baskets? That’s exactly what CLIO had in mind when they created their Pro Eye Palette Air Every Fruit Grocery range.

You have two delightful options to choose from: Peach Mate Apple features warm, peachy pinks and browns, inspired by the juicy flavours of peaches and apples.

On the other hand, Season Plum offers a cool-toned alternative with its lovely shades of pinks and lavenders, reminiscent of a deliciously sweet plum.

Fruit Palette Swatch

Credits: @triviago/TikTok, @chipchipchippp23/TikTok, @marongxxi/TikTok

Every palette includes twelve different shades, featuring a lovely combination of smooth mattes and subtle shimmers, providing all the essentials for achieving a glowing, makeup look for the summer!

The Clio Pro Eye Palette Air retails at RM275 and is available at Shopee. It is going for RM128.70 at the time of writing.

Dasique Shadow Palette — Ice Cream

Dasique Shadow Palette

When you first lay eyes on Dasique’s Shadow Palettes, you’ll instantly see its resemblance to everyone’s beloved dessert—ice-cream!

Every shade is housed in a circular pan, mimicking the appearance of creamy scoops of ice-cream. The shimmery shades create a textured blend of colors, complete with specks of glitter that closely resemble a variety of ice-cream flavors.

You have three colour palettes to choose from: Candy Berry with its girly pinks, Blueberry Sorbet featuring cool purples, and Almond Vanilla offering wearable beiges.

Ice Cream Palette Swatch

Credits: @ngoclinhkorea91/TikTok, @luvv.tine/TikTok, @multybeauty/TikTok

Dasique has truly mastered the art of creating stunning eye makeup looks with their palette. The subtle yet shimmery shades are a true representation of K-beauty. What sets them apart is the mesmerising range of glitters, each with its own unique colour and size.

Dasique Shadow Palette retails at RM145 and is available at Watsons. It is going at RM130.50 at the time of writing.