Listen up, Shawols! Do you keep replaying SHINee’s classic hits for old times’ sake long after they’ve been released? This makeup collection might just be perfect for you.

Taking inspiration from SHINee’s debut song “Replay”, ETUDE has launched the REPLAY Collection to transport you back in time!

SHINee’s iconic song was released in 2008, a whopping 16 years ago. Despite the time that has passed, it still holds a special place in the hearts of K-pop fans, especially those who remember it from their school days.

It’s no wonder that ETUDE is tapping into this nostalgia for their latest makeup line!

Featuring eyeshadow palettes shaped like cassettes and the return of discontinued shades, this collection is a true throwback.

Keep reading to discover more about this collection and where you can purchase it!

Play Color Eyes Eyeshadow Palettes

Credits: @etudeofficial/Instagram

From 2011 to 2014, SHINee members partnered with ETUDE as brand ambassadors, attracting a wave of new fans to the brand. And now, after more than a decade, they have once again joined forces with ETUDE as ambassadors!

To celebrate their return, the REPLAY collection introduces three eyeshadow palettes, each representing one of the three members involved in this campaign.

These eyeshadow palettes feature a selection of discontinued shades, carefully curated into adorable and compact palettes that are perfect for your everyday makeup routine.

Credits: @etudeofficial/Instagram

Key’s palette, Legendary Taro Cherry, showcases beautiful shades of mauve and pink, ideal for creating sweet and youthful makeup looks.

Credits: @etudeofficial/Instagram

Minho’s palette, Sweet Earl Grey, offers a range of light, cool-toned brown shades that are perfect for achieving a soft and natural everyday smoky eye.

Credits: @etudeofficial/Instagram

And lastly, Taemin’s palette, Secret Cake Box, combines muted brown and pink shades to create a flattering and natural look.

Each palette includes three matte shades and one shimmer shade, allowing you to create a complete eye makeup look with just one palette! And as an added bonus, each palette comes with a complimentary eyeshadow brush, making it a truly all-in-one product.

They also pay homage to the nostalgia of cassettes with their unique design, serving as a delightful memento for those who remember the joy of playing their favorite tunes on cassette tapes.

In fact, SHINee themselves are fans of this retro aesthetic. They even released a limited-edition cassette version of their album “1 Of 1” back in 2016!

The REPLAY Play Color Eyes Eyeshadow Palettes retail for RM74.80 each on Shopee.

Look At My Eyes Single Eyeshadows

Credits: @etudeofficial/Instagram

ETUDE is “replaying” old fan-favourites with these Look At My Eyes single eyeshadows!

ETUDE’s single eyeshadows were a hit among K-beauty fans in the 2000s and 2010s, but unfortunately, some shades were discontinued as the brand grew.

In response to customer feedback, ETUDE has brought back some of their most popular shades for the REPLAY Look At My Eyes collection!

Credits: @etudeofficial/Instagram

The collection features eight shades, including five fan-favourites making a comeback, and three brand-new shades.

From matte neutrals to shimmery hues, these eyeshadows can also double as blush or highlighter for a versatile makeup look.

Whether you prefer a simple single shade or a customised palette that can store up to four colors, the REPLAY single eyeshadows have something for everyone!

The REPLAY Look At My Eyes Single Eyeshadows retail for RM26.40 each, while the 4-pan customisable eyeshadow palette retails for RM29.70 on Shopee

Syrup Glossy Balm

This iconic lip gloss has a smooth, syrupy texture that glides effortlessly on your lips, thanks to the natural oils that it’s infused with. It leaves your lips feeling soft and smooth, while also providing a high-shine finish in three stunning shades.

To dispense the balm, simply click the button at the base of the tube or twist the tube to retract it. Be careful not to push out too much product at once, to avoid any mess with the soft formula!

01 Cherry Syrup is a lively red gloss that will effortlessly bring a touch of youthful vibrancy to your makeup.

In addition, this collection welcomes back two shades that were previously discontinued – 02 Rosy Lavender, a soft rosy hue that enhances your natural lip color, and 03 Lilac Shower, a sparkling gloss with a subtle hint of light purple.

The REPLAY Syrup Glossy Balms retail for RM61.60 each on Shopee

Featured image credits: @etudeofficial/Instagram.