They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but we’re going to be irrational and say that this doesn’t apply to makeup, especially those from the brand new Etude x Bearkku collection!


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A digital comic book character designed by Korean artist @Kyuljerry, Bearkku is a fluffy brown bear that often gets into relatable everyday situations, like falling asleep at work.

Here are the most noteworthy items in the collection!

Bearkku Ginger Sugar Melting Balm

Credit: @ririsglow_/TikTok

Infused with hydrating ingredients like ginger, shea butter, and rich oils, this dewy lip balm has a moisturising and transparent jelly-like formula.

Besides their nourishing texture, they also leave your lips with a healthy tint.

They’re available in five stunning shades

#01 Fig Beige is a warm-toned nude, perfect on days where you want to subtly elevating your bare-faced look.

#02 Soft Mauve is a rosy cool-toned shade that gives you a feminine touch.

#03 Bare Peach is a warm-toned, light coral hue that’s perfect for summer!

#04 Peanut Butter is another warmed-toned shade in a deliciously creamy brown colour.

Lastly, #05 Rosy Berry is a cool-toned colour that embodies the “just bitten” look perfectly!

Bearkku Ginger Sugar Melting Balm retails for RM43 at Shopee

Play Color Eyes Play It Bearkku Palette

If you love milk tea eye looks, this nine-colour palette is worth adding to your collection. It features mostly lighter and milky nude shades, which are easy to work with and great for layering! The palette includes a dark-brown shade, that can be used to deepen the crease for a more defined look.

Credit: @ririsglow_/TikTok

It also features a combination of shimmery and matte formulas, with the former giving a transparent feel with its soft, jelly-type glitter.

Bearkku Ginger Sugar Lip Care Collection retails for RM88 at Shopee

Bearkku Ginger Sugar Lip Care Collection

The charm of the relatable and cute Bearkku doesn’t just stop there. If you’re looking for on-the-go lip care products that your friends will be jealous of whenever you them whip out, check out these items from the mini Bearkku Ginger Sugar Lip Care trio!

Similar to the melting balms mentioned above, these lip care products are formulated with moisturising ingredients like ginger root extract, castor oil, and shea butter, leaving your lips smooth and supple for a long time.

The Bearkku X Ginger Sugar Lip Balm Stick melts at room temperature as soon as it touches the lips, instantly providing a dose of hydration.

If you’re travelling to colder climates or are especially prone to dry lips, the Ginger Sugar Essential Lip Balm is perfect for you as it has a slightly thicker texture that keeps your lips well-protected!

Lastly, the Ginger Sugar Overnight Lip Mask helps create a strong moisturising film using a combination of beeswax, burumuru butter, and the above ingredients. Wake up with smooth, flake-free lips that allows any lipstick to glide on easily and evenly!

Bearkku Ginger Sugar Lip Care Collection retails for RM28.33 to RM36.05 at Shopee