With every age range comes different skin care concerns. We’re sure we can still remember shopping for affordable skincare that suited our teenage, acne-prone skin back in secondary school.

What teenagers have now that we didn’t in the past: Emina. This is a popular beauty brand from Indonesia for teens, and it is finally available in Malaysia with an official store on Shopee.

The brand’s highly affordable and Halal-certified cosmetic and skincare products are specifically designed to target the wants and skin concerns of the teenage group.

We’re almost jealous of those lucky teenagers out there who have got their hands on Emina’s stuff already. Our age certainly isn’t going to stop us from trying these products!

If you’re feeling lost about which of the many Emina products to try, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered with our top picks right here.

Magic Potion Lip Tint

Emina Malaysia Magic Potion Lip Tint

One of their bestselling products, the Magic Potion Lip Tint is a long-lasting lip tint that comes in a light and watery texture.

It’s easy to apply and describes itself as transfer-proof and smudge-proof, which means you can wear it safely under your mask.

There are six colours currently available so you can explore different looks to your heart’s content. We recommend number 03 Smitten for a cheerful, youthful look.

The Magic Potion Lip Tint retails for RM13.70 on Shopee.

Bright Stuff Face Serum

Emina Malaysia Bright Stuff Face Serum

The Emina Bright Stuff series aims to brighten up dull complexions and consists of a micellar water, cleanser, toner, serum, moisturiser, and mask.

While we adore everything in the series, if we had to pick just one thing from the line, it’s definitely the Bright Stuff Face Serum.

Enriched with Summer Plum extract and concentrated Niacinamide, it not only helps brighten the skin, but also helps with skin smoothening, hydration, protecting the skin barrier, and much more.

For all skin types, this serum is suitable for both day and night use. It also comes in this adorable pink bottle that makes us wish we can carry it around everywhere.

The Bright Stuff Face Serum retails for RM18.90 on Shopee.

Skin Buddy Dot Burst Face Wash

Emina Malaysia Skin Buddy Dot Burst Face Wash

Emina’s Skin Buddy series is a revamp of their basic series, further improving and innovating on their original products.

The series has not one, but two face washes: the Dot Burst Face Wash and the Bubble Up Face Wash.

If we had to choose between them, we’re going to go with the Dot Burst Face Wash because of the soft particle beads for that extra cleansing boost.

Formulated with calendula extract and hyaluronic acid, this product is for all skin types, mild on the skin, and helps to boost hydration.

The Skin Buddy Dot Burst Face Wash retails for RM6.40 on Shopee.

Ms. Pimple Acne Solution Moisturising Gel

Ms. Pimple Acne Solution Moisturising Gel

When you’re young, it’s important to find a skincare routine that doesn’t aggravate your already-irritated acne.

If we were still teenagers, we would be excited to try the Ms. Pimple Acne Solution line, which is formulated specially to target acne-causing bacterial growth; it is specifically for acne-prone skin.

Our pick for this line would be the moisturising gel, which helps to keep your skin happy and hydrated as well as reduce redness with Rosebay Willowherb Extract.

A bonus point for us is that the product also helps defend against the rays of the sun as it has SPF 15.

So those of you who are worried about getting a tan and would like SPF in almost all your products can rejoice.

The Ms. Pimple Acne Solution Moisturising Gel retails for RM9.90 on Shopee.

We’re already adding these products to our carts. You can find the rest of Emina’s products on their official Shopee store.

Featured image credit: Eminacosmetics_my and lipstikhitsindonesia