From tackling hair thinning to banishing dandruff, we’re constantly on the prowl for the perfect remedies.

And more often than not, we spend too much on hair care products, but most of us don’t get to achieve the desired results of having smooth, tangle-free hair?

However, you won’t believe the ingenious trick some TikTokers have introduced into their hair care routines, taking things up a notch with a product that’s bound to raise some eyebrows.


Keep reading to discover how women are achieving smooth, tangle-free hair with an unexpected secret weapon!

A unique hair comb for smooth, tangle-free hair


♬ original sound – Liel Nicole – nicole liel 🤪🤪


While there are numerous methods and products out there promising silky-smooth, tangle-free locks, an unexpected trend has taken the haircare world by storm, especially us!

It turns out, women are achieving silky, knot-free locks with… dog combs! Yes, you read it right. Women are turning to dog combs to unlock the secret to effortlessly smooth and knot-free hair.

Tiktoker @lielnicole said that using dog comb has made her hair feel silky smooth with less frizziness and she’s loving the outcome.

Is it hygienic to use a dog comb for your hair?


Trying out the dog comb hack and I LOVE THE RESULTS. thanks for this unconventional hack @lielnicole

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If you’re wondering whether it’s okay to use a dog comb on your hair, relax – it’s all good as long as you use a brand-new one only for yourself. (Just don’t share one with your furry buddy!)

This will keep you away from any potential germ, flea, or lice concerns that might be lurking in your pet’s fur.

Dog combs often have wider teeth, which can be helpful for detangling thick or curly hair, especially if it’s prone to knots. So, there’s no harm in using a dog comb for yourself.

Ready to give it a go? Here are dog combs to grab

Source: Shopee

You can purchase a dog comb for your hair care routine from various places, including local pet stores or online.

For a convenient and hassle-free shopping experience, you can find a wide selection of dog combs on Shopee. Just click the link below to a dog comb just for yourself!

This retails for RM9.99 on Shopee.