If you’ve been active on social media, you may have noticed something being shared by beauty enthusiasts and fragrance connoisseurs: this mini fragrance set from Maison Christian Dior.


Photo source: Xiaohongshu

Unfortunately, the fragrance set is already sold out in the whole of Malaysia, with many Dior fans and beauty collectors only managing to snag it because Dior beauty advisors whom they are familiar with saved it for them. (These customers are probably regulars at the counters or boutiques, of course.)

The mini fragrance set, which is called the Champs-Elysees Selection Fragrance Discovery Set, contains eight 7.5ml mini fragrances: Lucky, Rose Kabuki, Jasmin des Anges, La Colle Noire, Gris Dior, Sakura, Rouge Trafalgar, and Holy Peony.

The miniature sizes are perfect as samplers if you’re new to Maison Christian Dior fragrances or as a convenient bottle that you can easily carry around when you’re up and about.


Photo source: Xiaohongshu

Here are more information about each of the fragrance in the set:

  • Lucky: Created to be a good luck charm, this is a floral scent that is composed with lily-of-the-valley and white flower notes
  • Rose Kabuki: Paying homage to kabuki (traditional Japanese theatre), this combines the fresh scent of rose with the smell of powder, inspired by the face makeup worn by kabuki actors
  • Jasmin des Anges: Made to remind you of a stroll through fields of jasmine in Grasse, this reveals a sweet and syrupy Jasmine scent with a touch of fruity accord
  • La Colle Noire: Named after an estate that Christian Dior bought in 1951 that became his floral paradise, this features the spicy scent of a May Rose
  • Gris Dior: Associated with the history of Dior Couture, this subtle scent has an almost “invisible” scent that’s citrus on top, floral at the heart and set against a backdrop of ambery moss
  • Sakura: Celebrating the scent of Japanese cherry blossoms, this reminds you of fresh sakura at springtime, blowing in the breeze
  • Rouge Trafalgar: A lively, fruity scent this has a burst of tangy Red Berries, Strawberry, Raspberry, and Mandarin. This is a spicy and tangy fragrance that will perk anyone up instantly.
  • Holy Peony: An interpretation of the scent of peony blossom, this soft, floral scent also carries a sense of botanical freshness.

If you didn’t manage to get your hands on it, here’s the good news. The set is still available online and you’ll get to enjoy free delivery, three pieces of iconic Dior samples, and a Miss Dior Fragrance Coffret when you purchase this set.

This mini fragrance set retails for RM700.