We’ve probably heard of LED masks and how it’s a luxury even for the most hardcore skincare enthusiasts. Now, imagine taking it up another notch – yes, you get the latest innovation by Dior.

The House of Dior has collaborated with the French LED lighting company Lucibel, to create an LED face mask. Called OVE, this has been touted the “most powerful LED beauty mask of its generation” by the brand.

The Dior x Lucibel OVE Beauty Mask works by harnessing the photobiomodulation technique, which uses a cold red light to boost cellular respiration, repair and regenerate skin, and even soothe and relax the mind.

Unlike the LED masks you’ve seen in the market, OVE is set on a stand, just like a lamp, and covers the entire face.

The LED mask emits a wavelength of 635-nanometre, which is said to be the biggest on the market and enables a 15.6 joules/sq-cm of light, the strongest compared to others, that can be diffused without known risk.

It is said to deliver result with only 12 minutes of exposition. Use it twice a week, and the brand says that it’ll yield comparable results to if you had expose yourself to other types of masks for durations ranging from 8.6 to over 24 hours.

The brand conducted a clinical study and found that you’ll need just eight sessions to observe significant reduction in signs of ageing.

Besides its advanced technology, OVE is also a winner in the design department.

Created by renowned fashion designer Olivier Lapidus, the mask has a futuristic design based on clean lines and elegantly displays the iconic Dior logo.

OVE Beauty Mask is currently exclusively available at Dior Spa Cheval Blanc Paris.

And if you can’t wait to try this new innovation by Dior, you’ll be happy to know that it will be available in other Dior Spas, Luxury Retreats, and Dior Beauty Corners in 2022. Exact dates are to be announced.