Selecting the perfect Valentine’s Day gift may not be a cakewalk, but it’s not rocket science either. Just find out what your partner likes and get that for them. But, if this is your yearly routine, it’s time to spice it up a little!

Forget the predictable chocolates and flowers! How about elevating the romance with couple fragrances? It’s like having your own signature scent that makes you whole and can be used every time you go on a date.

Using these scents for the first time during your romantic dinner date will surely make the evening even more memorable! To help you find your signature scents, here are a list of couple fragrances, perfect for this Valentine’s Day.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau De Parfum and Bad Boy Eau De Toilette

couple fragrances

Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl Eau De Parfum and Bad Boy Eau De Toilette were designed for the most captivating pair in the world of couple fragrances.

Just like the classic scenario of good girls being drawn to bad boys, these scents create a harmonious blend of audacious elegance and alluring sexiness in Good Girl, complemented by the bold, strong, and sophisticated essence of Bad Boy.

It’s a fragrance match that seems crafted in heaven for couples seeking a dynamic and captivating olfactory experience.

The Good Girl Eau De Parfum retails for RM570 on Sephora while the Bad Boy Eau De Toilette retails for RM435 on Sephora

Jean Paul Gaultier So Scandal and Scandal Pour Homme

couple fragrances

Jean Paul Gaultier introduces a pair of fragrances – So Scandal and Scandal Pour Homme – that adds a touch of allure to any relationship. While not every connection may be scandalous, these fragrances make it hard to resist the temptation, thanks to their alluring and captivating scent that envelops you in

So Scandal boasts a floral explosion with an irresistibly sultry sweetness, harmonising perfectly with its creamy base. On the other hand, Scandal Pour Homme commands attention with a robust formulation that brings out sweetness in a richer, earthier manner.

When paired together, these complementary perfumes create an enchanting allure, promising a night filled with seduction.

The So Scandal retails for RM565 on Isetan while the Scandal Pour Homme retails for RM379 on Isetan

Boss The Scent By Hugo Boss

couple fragrances

Hugo Boss presents Boss The Scent, a captivating fragrance duo designed for couples who simply can’t resist each other. The complementary nature of these perfumes ensures that the flame between them burns brightly.

For the men’s fragrance, expect an infusion of earthy and woody notes. An irresistible fragrance seducing the senses with its exquisite notes of Ginger, exotic Maninka and Leather unfolding over time. Meanwhile, the women’s fragrance boasts with fruity, floral top notes of honeyed peach and freesia meet in an exquisite, head-turning combination.

This unique combination ensures a harmonious connection between the scents, providing an aromatic experience that is both captivating and individualistic.

The Scent for Her retails for RM378 after discount on Isetan while the Scent Pure Accord for Him retails for RM219 after discount on Isetan

Prada Paradoxe And Luna Rossa Ocean By Prada

couple fragrances

Prada offers a captivating fragrance experience for couples with this enticing duo of Prada Paradoxe and Luna Rossa Ocean.

Perfect for her, Prada Paradoxe presents a seductive journey with delicate and crisp neroli notes, giving way to a bold amber heart. The Intense Eau de Parfum version elevates the original perfume, adding a touch of intensity with the blend of jasmine, Ambrofix™, and moss. This creates a floral and ambery signature scent that embodies a powerful yet delicate femininity.

On the other side of this aromatic love story, Luna Rossa Ocean provides strength and intensity with its full-bodied fougere formulation. This fragrance is a fusion of neo-freshness and aquatic elements, highlighted by a burst of bergamot and complemented by the sophisticated and sensual notes of vetiver and elegant iris.

The Prada Paradoxe retails for RM455 (30ml) on Sephora while Luna Rossa Ocean retails for RM319.50 after discount on Isetan.

Giorgio Armani My Way and Stronger With You

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Giorgio Armani presents a dynamic fragrance duo, My Way and Stronger With You, tailored for power couples who exude charisma and style.

My Way sets the stage for romance with its flirty floral allure, featuring a vibrant bouquet of tuberose, jasmine, and orange blossom, enriched by the warm embrace of cedarwood and vanilla. It’s a scent that captures the essence of love lingering in the air.

On the flip side, Stronger With You brings an irresistible allure with a subtle spiciness that promises to quicken the pulse. Inspired by the power of absolute love, this fragrance by Emporio Armani exudes sex appeal, featuring a refined blend with a new addictive rum accord.

Lavender, sourced sustainably from France, takes centre stage, enhanced by liquorous and fruity facets.

The Armani My Way retails for RM455 (50ml) on Sephora while Stronger With You retails for RM305 (50ml) Armani Beauty.

Libre and Y By Yves Saint Laurent

couple fragrances

YSL’s Libre and Y fragrances form an exquisite pair of fragrances for couples who’re deeply in love.

Libre, a vibrant burst of jasmine, orange blossom, and lavender, complements the explosive character of Y, featuring ginger, green apple, and juniper notes. Libre represents the epitome of freedom, with a unique floral lavender trail, embodying a strong and liberated femininity.

Y, designed for the modern man, boasts refreshing top notes of White Accord, Geranium Absolute, and Sage, seamlessly transitioning into a sophisticated blend of Dark Accord, Sensual Woods, and Tonka Bean. Together, these fragrances create an enchanting olfactory symphony for couples experiencing the magic of love.

The Libre retails for RM525 (50ml) on Sephora while Y retails for RM410 (60ml) on Sephora.

Tom Ford Rose D’Amalfi Eau De Parfum and Mandarino Di Amalfi Eau de Parfum

No matter how often you wear Tom Ford scents, you just can’t get enough. The Rose D’Amalfi Eau De Parfum for women is like a secret, sensual rose blended with Italian bergamot, Baies roses, and sunlit heliotrope, creating a warm and intimate skin-on-skin feeling.

On the men’s side, the Mandarino Di Amalfi Eau de Parfum is a lively scent that whisks you away to the picturesque cliff sides of Amalfi. The refreshing scent of citrus fruits blended with the delicate notes of mint, thyme, and wildflowers creates an ideal backdrop for a romantic and breezy date night.

Both the Rose D’Amalfi Eau De Parfum and Mandarino Di Amalfi Eau de Parfum retails for RM 1,300 (50ml) each on Sephora.

Gucci Guilty Love Edition Eau De Parfum For Her and Love Edition Eau De Toilette For Him

They say a lasting relationship needs compatibility, and what better way to enhance that than with matching scents?

For the Guilty Love Edition Eau De Parfum For Her, a blend of citrusy mandora, sourced from the Mediterranean island of Cyprus is paired with lively bergamot and spicy pink pepper. This sets the stage for an unapologetic expression of love, deepened by the rich combination of patchouli coeur and patchouli oil micro-distillation, along with amber notes.

Playing on the freshness of kumquat, ginger and mandarin orange, the Love Edition Eau De Toilette For Him delivers a refreshing burst of freshness with every spritz. As the fragrance unfolds, the base notes of vetiver, patchouli, and benzoin come together at the heart for an aromatic edge.

The Love Edition Eau De Parfum For Her retails for RM410 after discount on HandbagBranded and Love Edition Eau De Toilette For Him RM 349.31 on Fragrance Cart.

Tiffany & Love For Her Eau De Parfum and For Him Eau De Toilette

Expressing love becomes more delightful when you share common interests. If you both appreciate fragrances, consider gifting each other Tiffany & Love’s couple fragrances this Valentine.

Tiffany & Love For Her Eau De Parfum gives a burst of lively blue basil and grapefruit, providing a refreshing and fragrant journey. The core of this perfume is a delightful combination of neroli’s floral essence, perfectly balanced with the earthy tones of blue sequoia. Plus, it’s base of vetiver and cedarwood, creating a versatile and distinctly feminine aroma.

If your man enjoys citrusy fragrances, the Love Eau de Toilette is an ideal pick. Its aromatic blend combines citrus with a wood-infused base, delivering a refreshing essence. The composition is perfected with notes of sandalwood, vetiver, and the unique blue sequoia, resulting in a meticulously crafted and invigorating scent.

The Tiffany & Love For Her Eau De Parfum retails for RM700 on Tiffany & Co and For Him Eau De Toilette retails for RM500 on Tiffany & Co