Harry Potter’s journey may have ended in 2011 but fans’ love for this franchise is undying. If you’re still pining for some magic, ColourPop is here to answer your wishes with a new makeup collection that is to Avada Kedavra for.

As always, the brand does not disappoint fans with their attention to detail and the stunning visuals they pair with products.

ColourPop seems to be pulling out all the stops by introducing sets that have never been part of collaboration pieces before. There’s just so much to get from this collection and we’re breaking it all down for you.

Keep reading, you definitely don’t want to miss out on special items at the end of this article!

Eyeshadow Palette

This eyeshadow set comes with 24 stunning shades with a wide variety of Metallic, Matte, Pressed Glitter, Matte Sparkle, and Super Shock Tie Dye finishes.

Use the Metallic, Matte, and Matte Sparkle shades to help you create a soft, neutral look. You can also use the Pressed Glitter and Super Shock Tie Dye shades for a bold, magical look.

With six different finishes in one palette, there is lots of room for you to play around and experiment with!

Fans will be happy to know that each shade is inspired by different aspects of the franchise. Names like Invisibility Cloak, Lumos, Gillyweed, Nimbus 2000, and Elder Wand add a special touch to this palette.

Not to mention, the palette resembles a spell book from the wizarding world and is sure to make you feel as if you’re jumping back into the story.

Back to Hogwarts Shadow Palette retails for US$30 (~RM135.73) on ColourPop.

Super Shock Highlighters

These Super Shock Highlighters are simply stunning.

The buttery smooth formulas make it easy for even a beginner to blend while giving the face an enchanting glow.

Whether you want a soft glow or a megawatt beam, these highlighters are sure to help you get there. Use a brush or makeup sponge to diffuse the pigment for a softer highlight. Alternatively, tap it on with your fingers for a stronger look.

Each of these highlighters is inspired by magical creatures from the wizarding world, which makes these items even more spellbinding.

Super Shock Highlighters retail for US$12 (~RM54.30) individually on ColourPop.

Luxe Lip and Fourth Ray Lip Balm

We love to pamper our lips and we’re glad that ColourPop has given us two different lip sets for this collaboration.

The first set is the Pout Enchantment Lux Lip Set. This includes three Lux Velvet Liquid Lips and one Lux Lip Gloss.

The Velvet Liquid Lips leave a soft blurred look on the lips. It comes in three shades inspired main characters Harry Potter, Ron Weasely and Hermione Granger.

Meanwhile, the Lux Lip Gloss is inspired by a fan favourite character, Luna Lovegood. It is a sheer icy blue gloss with pink, teal and violet glitters. This gloss is multi-functional. It can be worn on top of the Velvet Liquid Lips as a top gloss layer or on its own.

The Pout Enchantment Lux Lip Set retails for US$38 (~RM171.95) on ColourPop, or US$10 (~RM45.25) individually. 

The next set is the first non-tinted lip balm to be part of a ColourPop collaboration— The Great Hall Fourth Ray Lip Balm set. And in case you didn’t know, Fourth Ray is actually ColourPop’s sister brand!

This set includes four 100% vegan lip balms that are made to make your lips feel soft and nourished. Each lip balm is inspired by the four Hogwarts Houses and has a unique scent attached to them.

Gryffindor is represented by Courage and has a spicy and warm eggnog taste. Pride is Slytherin’s lip balm and tastes like refreshing mint. Ravenclaw is represented by Wit with a yummy berry, basil, and vanilla mixture. Lastly, Hufflepuff’s is called Patience and is a combination of marshmallow and wild coconut.

With each piece being uniquely crafted, there’s definitely something for everyone to choose from.

The Great Hall Fourth Ray Lip Balm Set retails for US$38 (~RM171.95) on ColourPop, or US$10 (~RM45.25) individually.

Graphix Ink Liner

Last but not least is an eyeliner set that is the first to be a part of a collaboration piece.

The Noble History Graphix Ink Liner set comes in four shades, each representing the four Hogwarts Houses once again.

Sword represents Gryffindor in a metallic warm red. Locket represents Slytherin in a forest green shade. Ravenclaw is represented by Diadem in a deep blue shade. Lastly, Hufflepuff is represented by Cup that takes on a metallic warm gold.

Furthermore, these liners have a precision tip that makes sharp and sleek lines easy to apply.

They are also a great way to give your eyes a simple pop of colour when you’re short on time for a full eyeshadow look.

The Noble History Graphix Ink Liner Set retails for US$38 (~RM171.95) on ColourPop, or US$10 (~RM45.25) individually.

Full Collection

Hooked on this spellbinding collection and want to get everything? Don’t add the items to cart individually!

ColourPop has put all the items listed into one easy set for you to purchase. Grab the Full Collection set which has everything listed at a discounted price.

The ColourPop x Harry potter Full Collection set retails for US$170 (~RM769.25) on ColourPop.