With New Year’s Day right around the corner, we’re sure you must be on the lookout for products to create some statement-making makeup looks to celebrate 2022. This time, toast to the new year with Colourpop’s Feelin’ Bubbly collection.

Photo: @colourpopcosmetics on Instagram

This gorgeous collection has everything you never knew you needed to help you create some amazing looks that you can rock everyday of the year. It has everything from incredibly pigmented shadows to shimmering lip glosses, so you can be sure to find something you’ll like.

Read on to discover all the products in this new collection.

Feelin’ Bubbly shadow palette

Photo: @colourpopcosmetics on Instagram

Colourpop’s Feelin’ Bubbly eyeshadow palette has some of the most wearable shades that everyone can rock. It features nine sparkling shadows, from champagne shades to shimmery ivory shades – they can be worn for a cute day look or a glamorous evening look.

Feelin’ Bubbly retails for US$14 (RM59.02) here.

Jelly Mulch shadows

Photo: @colourpopcosmetics on Instagram

If you want to focus on mingling and not touch-up your makeup,, give Colourpop’s Jelly Mulch shadows a shot. These deliver intense pigment and are super long-lasting and they don’t crease, transfer, or fade. Choose from one of the three shades available – all of them super flattering, so you only have to pick based on your personal preference.

Each Colourpop Jelly Mulch shadow retails for US$9 (RM37.94) here.

Super Shock highlighters

Photo: @colourpopcosmetics on Instagram

Add a little bit of drama to your look with these super shock highlighters, which are available in two shade: Champagne BB, a shimmery bronze highlighter with a touch of gold pearl, and Flute Punch, a soft peach champagne pearl shade.

These Super Shock highlighters are light and buildable and just melt into your skin upon application. For a more intense look, you can use your fingertips, or for a softer look, simply switch to a fluffy brush to get a more airbrushed effect.

The Super Shock highlighters in the shades Champagne BB and Flute Punch each retail for US$10 (RM42.16) here.

Lux Gloss Set

Photo: @colourpopcosmetics on Instagram

Add the finishing touches to your shimmering champagne look by puckering up with one of Colourpop’s Lux Gloss’. This sparkly trio of lip glosses consists of Pop a Cork, a champagne toned gloss with flecks of gold glitter. Next in this impressive line-up is Fizzy With it, which is a soft gold shade complete with twinkling golden pinpoints.

Finally, in a beautiful rose gold shade complete with a pearl sheen, is the lip gloss Sippy Sippy. Colourpop’s Lux Gloss Set is just what everyone needs to create beautiful natural looks. Even better, they’re made with natural ingredients like antioxidant-rich black rose, poppy seed, and even Madagascar vanilla.

The Lux Gloss Set retails for US$22 (RM92.75) here. Each Lux Gloss retails for US$8 (RM33.73) here.

Individual Pearl and Crystal Face Jewels

Photo: @colourpopcosmetics on Instagram

Spice up your New Year’s makeup look with Colourpop’s individual face crystals and pearls. Go all out this New Year and bedazzle yourself with these reusable iridescent jewels that come in a variety of sizes and colours.

Individual Pearl and Crystal Face Jewels retail respectively for US$7 (RM29.51) here.

Gettin’ Fizzy With it Eye and Face Set

Photo: Colourpop

Turn up the sparkle factor for your New Year’s look with Colourpop’s Gettin’ Fizzy With it Eye and Face Set. This set consists of three of Colourpop’s Jelly Mulch shadows in the shades, Give the Brut, Blanc de Blanc, and Keep it Crisp, as well as Colourpop’s individual face crystals and pearls. With how bright you’ll be glowing, nobody will be able to take their eyes off of you at any New Year’s party you attend!

Colourpop’s Gettin’ Fizzy With it Eye and Face Set retails for US$38 (RM160.21) here.

Fizz the Season Eye and Face Set

Photo: Colourpop

Shine at every event in 2022 with Colourpop’s Fizz the Season Eye and Face Set. This eye and face set features Colourpop’s nine-pan Feelin’ Bubbly Pressed Powder Palettand the Individual Pearl and Crystal Face Jewels for ultimate sparkle and glow.

The Fizz the Season Eye and Face Set retails for US$25 (RM105.40) here.

Feelin’ Bubbly Collection

Photo: @colourpopcosmetics on Instagram

Can’t choose just one thing? Treat yourself and get them all! This champagne-toned collection includes everything we’ve mentioned above at a more attractive price than if you were to get them individually.

The Feelin’ Bubbly Collection retails for US$89 (RM375.22) here.