You’ve heard of colour-changing cups and mugs, but have you ever seen a colour-changing beauty blender?

We certainly haven’t, which is why we were pleasantly surprised to see this aptly named Beam Shadeshifter makeup sponge on our feeds.

Colour changing beauty blender soaking

A release by the official Beautyblender brand itself, this sponge changes from a sunny egg yolk shade to a tangy orange when soaked in warm water.

Talk about adding some fun into your makeup process, we can imagine how fun it is to wash these beauties.

Colour changing beauty blender close up

These new beauty blenders don’t skimp on quality though, as they use the same innovative materials that you know and love.

You don’t have to worry about having uneven coverage as these sponges buff and blend makeup into the skin for a perfect, flawless finish.

We can’t wait to see what other colour combinations Beautyblender might come up with next. Is there a specific colour combination you might want to see?

The Shadeshifter Makeup Sponge retails for US$20.50 (~RM85.89) on BeautyBay.

Featured image credit: BeautyBay