With the highly-anticipated Barbie movie coming up next month, the Barbiecore aesthetic has been the look to emulate for the summer. Think: a bold lip, big hair, and lots of pink outfits.

Whether you’re looking to recreate Malibu Barbie, Ballerina Barbie, or one of her other iconic looks across her 200+ careers she’s had in Mattel, you’re gonna want to check out Colorkey’s new Barbie collection.

Get doll-like lips with Colorkey’s Barbie liquid lipsticks

In classic Barbie fashion, the packaging exudes a hyper-feminine look using pastel colours like pink and purple.

Photo credit: due to lack/ Xiao Hong Shu

Each liquid lipstick also comes in a cap adorned with the signature Barbie logo on a bow.

The series also comes in two textures of liquid lipsticks. The ones in pink tubes have a soft velvet finish while the ones in purple will give you that trending, glossy, Y2K look.

We’re loving the range of colours as well. There’s a variety of mauve-nudes, cool-toned pinks, and deeper reds. The formula is also smooth and lightweight, giving you a pop of colour to elevate your natural eye makeup looks.

Colourkey x Barbie Liquid Lipstick retails for RM35.90 on Shopee, after a 47% discount valid at the time of writing. 

Can’t decide on a colour to try? There’s a gift set too

If you want to doll yourself up differently everyday like Barbie, Colourkey also released their set of six Barbie liquid lipsticks which come in a box akin to the ones we used to get our toy dolls in.

You’ll also be able to serve iconic Barbie looks on a budget as the set is priced affordably, at less than $30 per set.

Colourkey x Barbie Liquid Lipstick Set retails for RM89.90 on Shopee, after a 55% discount valid at the time of writing. 

There’s something for matte lip lovers too

Besides their liquid lipsticks, Colourkey also released a series of Lip Mud products in the collection. These adorable glittered-out capsule tubes remind us of some of the glitter gel pens we use to buy in school.

Staying true to the brand, each mouse-like lippie features a great selection of vibrant colours. With fluffy brush applicator, you can create that trending “slightly diffused” look by blending them out.

We’re especially loving P127, a slightly subdued Fuchsia shade, and O106, a black milk tea inspired shade that comes in a burnt orange colour.

Colourkey x Barbie Lip Mud retails for RM35.90 on Shopee, after a 47% discount valid at the time of writing. 

Doll yourself up with the Colourkey x Barbie eyeshadow palettes

Don’t forget to doll yourself up with some of their eyeshadows too. Colourkey has also released two palettes featuring 9 shadows each, with a mix of neutral tones and pastels.

The Pink palette, called “Sweet Barbie”, is for you if you’re into creating soft, romantic looks. It features essential nudes and brown shades, along with a pastel pink and purple glittery shadow that was also seen throughout the collection’s packaging.

For a more classic look, go for their “Barbie Palm” palette in purple. These are perfect for creating more natural or sunset-inspired looks, with their softer apricot browns and champagne shimmers.

Some of the glittery shadows in the palettes also have a pearl-like finish, which reflects well against the light and works to brighten up your eyes.

Colourkey x Barbie Eyeshadow Palettes retail for RM54.90 on Shopee, after a 38% discount valid at the time of writing.