Clinique has released a new limited-edition version of their Cheek Pop Highlighter to commemorate Chinese New Year 2022.

Clinique Cheek Pop Highlighter Tiger

Kept in a clear red case, this cheek pop highlighter is in the shape of an adorable yet powerful tiger with the year 2022 engraved underneath it.

The highlighter appears to be a warm toned, light gold shade with a luminous finish – great for Asian skin tones like ours. You can easily build up this sheer, lightweight powder for a natural golden glow.

What’s great is that like Clinique’s other products, this highlighter has no parabens, no phthalates, and no fragrances. It’s also less likely to cause acne as it is non-acnegenic.

Clinique Cheek Pop Highlighter Rat and Ox

This isn’t the first time Clinique has released a zodiac themed highlighter, as previous years featured the Rat and the Ox.

Currently available online in Canada, this product is unfortunately not going to be released in Malaysia. Even though we can’t get it officially here, we’re desperately scouring the Internet for another source we could grab this from.

We also can’t wait to see the other zodiac animals in the years to come as we’re hoping those will be released in the future. We’ll be waiting!

Featured image credit: RED