Milk tea-inspired makeup has made an indelible mark on the beauty world in recent years. Christian Louboutin has now hopped on the bandwagon to bring luxury to “milk tea” makeup too, with their recent release of a lipstick named “Soft Goji”, which has since been all the talk on Xiao Hong Shu.

Let’s check out this goji berry milk tea shade of a lipstick!

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  1. Check out #355 Soft Goji

Check out #355 Soft Goji

Credit: 沐沐酱/Xiao Hong Shu

Inside the iconic—and ultra luxurious—golden pointed Louboutin lipstick packaging hides the dusty and milky hued lipstick titled, “Soft Goji”.

Credit: 沐沐酱/Xiao Hong Shu

Like its namesake, it features a bright and airy pink tone, resembling a cup of goji berry-infused milk tea. Its velvety finish leaves a gorgeous and youthful glow on your lips, without the tackiness.

How to wear Soft Goji

Despite its intense pigmentation, it is highly wearable, buildable, and bendable, making it a highly versatile piece to have in your makeup bag.

Credit: Christian Louboutin

Create a bolder look when you fill your entire lips with the buttery product.

Credit: 沐沐酱/Xiao Hong Shu

Or, as Xiao Hong Shu creator 沐沐酱 demonstrates in her post, concentrate the lipstick towards the middle of your lips and feather it out for a K-beauty gradient-like effect.

Credit: 沐沐酱/Xiao Hong Shu

It definitely will be quite an investment, but you get what you pay for: uncompromising quality, beauty, and luxury.

Unfortunately, it isn’t available in Malaysian markets, but you can order it online at Selfridges & Co, and have it shipped over for S$117 per piece (they only accept 20 currencies—including SGD and USD), excluding taxes and shipping.