TikTok is known for spotlighting beauty products that content creators love, leading to a surge in demand. These products also often sell out, thanks to their newfound popularity.


Caudalie’s Vinergetic C+ Instant Detox Mask is one of these products. If you search for #detoxmask, you’ll find tons of reviews of this product, and the tag is has more than 100 million views currently.

And it’s not just TikTokers that are all over it – Kourtney Kardashian is apparently a fan too.

The reason for its fame on TikTok? TikTokers say that it is great for those with congested pores and oily skin, as it draws out impurities and absorbs excess sebum.

Many of the videos on TikTok shows visible proof of what appears to be dirt and oil pulled out of users’ pores – it’s pretty gratifying to watch.

The Caudalie Vinergetic C+ Instant Detox Mask is now back in stock and features a new packaging, all while retaining the same formula that promises to detoxify your pores in 10 minutes.

Its main ingredients includes purifying pink clay, coffee and grape, and is gentle on the skin so it’s suitable on all skin types.

Caudalie Vinergetic C+ Instant Detox Mask (RM135) will be launching on 15 November, and will be available in all Caudalie boutiques, KENSapothecary, Shopee, and Lazada. Then, it will be available in Sephora from 18 November.