When we saw this product shared on Chinese social media, we couldn’t help but squeal over how cute this looks – and we’re definitely adding it to our carts.

Not every girl wears makeup, but hair-brushing is pretty universal.

Easehold Cat Paw Brush the brush front

What’s great is that this hairbrush doesn’t just look cute but is also useful tool we’ll probably be using every day. It’s great at de-tangling frizzy hair and locks, so you’ll be up and ready for the day in no time.

We love how it’s suitable for all hair types, including wet, straight, and curly hair. No matter what kind of hair style you’re feeling for that day, this hairbrush is going to do its job.

Easehold Cat Paw Brush the brush close up

The way it’s designed also means you’ll be getting a massage for your scalp, which could stimulate blood circulation and promote healthy hair.

The middle section that looks just like a cat’s paw pad also feels almost like the real thing, which means you might be tempted to push against it just for fun.

Easehold Cat Paw Brush the brush back

Even the back of the product looks cute as it looks to be plated in gold with the manufacturer’s name, Easehold, engraved onto it.

Supposedly the handle of the hairbrush has been shaped to fit the curvature of the hand for a less slippery and more stable grip.

This hairbrush may look big but is actually travel-friendly and can be brought around anywhere for a quick styling on the go.

Consider giving yourself or a loved one this adorable cat paw shaped hairbrush this Christmas. We know we’re certainly going to.

The Easehold Cat Paw Hairbrush retails for ¥299 (~RM198.69) on Taobao. You can also pick up a set that includes a cat ear headband and a cat paw beauty blender for an additional ¥100 (~RM66.45).