The caramel latte nail trend has been everywhere recently, and of course, we couldn’t let you miss out on all the fun! It’s a gorgeous neutral look that could definitely work to match any of your outfits.

This look is created by painting your nails in a solid colour of either white or light brown to achieve a milky effect. They are then marbled with a darker shade of brown nail polish to mimic the look of caramel latte. Or, you can also go in the opposite direction and achieve a reverse effect!

Ahead, we have gathered some of the most delicious looking caramel latte nail looks that you should totally try at your next nail appointment.

1. Sweet caramel latte nails

Photo: @nail_reflower on Instagram

Take a look at these sweet caramel nails. Don’t they look exactly like Starbucks’ caramel latte? This delicious design is definitely going to be your friends next nail inspo when they see your nails.

2. Speckled nails

Photo: @hos_lilly on Instagram

If you like your coffee with more milk and a dusting of cocoa powder on top, then may we suggest this speckled caramel nail look? It’s the perfect twist on the caramel latte nail trend.

3. Dark caramel latte

Photo: @ri0k3 on Instagram

Give these dark coffee caramel nails a try at your next nail appointment. With shades like these, they’ll go with every outfit you own.

4. Creamy coffee

Photo: @by.geneve on Instagram

This creamy caramel latte manicure is definitely a go-to if you’re looking to make a statement.

5. Add a little shimmer

Photo: on Instagram

Add a little shimmer and shine into your next nail look with these metallic polishes. They’re the perfect glittery take on the trend.

6. Marbled caramel latte

Photo: @newlydivine on Instagram

Try out this marbled caramel latte nail effect. This simple and elegant design will go with any outfit in your closet.

7. Chocolate latte nails

Photo: @taly.nails on Instagram

Satisfy your chocolate cravings with this chocolatey caramel latte nail look. For extra flair, add a little bit of sparkle to it with gold leaf.

8. Caramel swirl

Photo: @ellielouisenails on Instagram

This look instantly reminds us of McDonald’s iced caramel latte, so why not give this delicious nail look a shot next time?

9. Minimalist caramel latte nails

Photo: @kplus.nails on Instagram

If you’re into more minimalistic designs, then we’d suggest trying out this look. Spice up your opal digits with a splash of caramel and a touch of gold – you can’t go wrong with that!

10. Gradient milky nails

Photo: @chorongnail on Instagram

This delicious ombré design already has us craving our daily cup of joe.

11. Matcha and caramel latte nails

Photo: @_shell_nail_ on Instagram

If you prefer matcha lattes over caramel lattes, then this look is just right for you. This complementary colour scheme is the perfect take on this trend.

12. Go vibrant

Photo: @atomicowl on Instagram

Go for a bold caramel latte look with these vibrant shades of brown and cream!

13. A dash of gold

Photo: @maynailvand on Instagram

Take a more minimalistic approach to the caramel latte nail trend and upgrade it with some gold accents.

14. Lighter neutrals

Photo: @daija.nailz on Instagram

Take a lighter approach to the trend with more understated shades. These colours are a bit more neutral, but are sure to give you the same caramel latte effect.

15. Dark chocolate bedazzled nails

Photo: @Sara_nailart4life on Instagram

Elevate your dark caramel latte look with gold embellishments – it’ll give you a lush and luxurious look.