Flowers are great to look at, pleasant to smell, but did you know they also offer a suite of skincare benefits that can give you a glowing complexion?

This is why makeup made with flowers is the latest feel-good K-beauty trend we’re in love with.

Read on if you’re ready to jump onto the floral bandwagon.

BNB Bloomatte Series: a makeup collection made with real flowers

BNB Bloomatte Series

If you’re ready to tap into that flower power in your daily makeup routine, check out K-beauty brand barenbliss (BNB), which has recently launched the Bloomatte complexion series.

Made with real flowers, this series is designed to effectively help with oil control, as it mattifies skin while maintaining a desirable glow – which is everything we want in matte makeup!

Psst, for the uninitiated, BNB has most recently been featured in Vogue Korea!

BNB in Vogue Korea

Flowers found in the Miracle Bloom

Made with a technology called Miracle Bloom™, it combines the power of five skin-loving flowers, including:

  • Hibiscus: This is known for its ability to lock in moisture for a more hydrated skin
  • Magnolia: This gorgeous flower also has the ability to inhibit hyperpigmentation so your complexion looks spotless
  • Chamomile: Ideal for relieving redness, this soothing flower helps tighten the appearance of pores
  • Camellia: Containing antioxidants, this eliminates free radicals so your skin looks brighter over time
  • Calendula: Found in many anti-inflammatory Korean skincare products, this flower soothes skin and curbs irritation

Products in the Bloomatte Series

The BNB Bloomatte series consists of four complexion-enhancing, oil-controlling makeup products. Discover them with us!

Light It Up Skin Tint

BNB Light It Up Skin Tint

Who said a foundation with great coverage and matte finish has to be suffocating?

The BNB Bloomatte Light It Up Skin Tint offers sweat-proof, water-proof, 24-hour coverage while making sure the foundation feels breathable on the skin, making it perfect for our hot and humid weather.

Besides Miracle Bloom, this foundation contains four complexes of Hyaluronic Acid to offer additional moisture, as well as Ecto-Protection to defend your skin from pollution and blue light – two pollutants that are common in the city.

In case you don’t know, blue light is emitted from electronic devices and LED lighting and has been discovered to damage skin and cause the appearance of wrinkles.

This lightweight foundation also contains SPF35 to give you sufficient sun protection, and has a no-cracking formula to make sure that your makeup remains flawless-looking throughout the day.

If you ask us, this is the all-rounded product to check out in the Bloomatte series, especially if you want to master the Korean “no makeup” makeup look.

And as if its flawless results and dainty bottle aren’t enough reasons to snag it, it also has a light and pleasant floral scent to it!

Available in three shades and retails on Shopee.

Fine to Refine Compact Powder

BNB Fine to Refine Compact Powder 02

We have a problem with many powder foundations; while most of them are able to help remove excess oil from our makeup, they also tend to dull our skin so it looks lifeless.

Thankfully, the BNB Bloomatte Fine to Refine Compact Powder is formulated with the Organic Miracle Powder, a Korean porous powder that’s so ultra-fine, it can help absorb oil and cover pores while maintaining an airbrushed effect on the skin.

You can use it on top of your foundation to keep it transfer-proof or to touch up in the middle of the day to remove sebum and shine. Pro tip: apply a little more around the area that tends to transfer onto your mask!

Available in three shades and retails on Shopee.

True Beauty Inside Cushion

BNB True Beauty Inside Cushion-03

For those who prefer cushion foundation, you’ll love the BNB Bloomatte True Beauty Inside Cushion for its high coverage and matte finish.

Unlike conventional cushion foundations that may emphasise on the greasiness of already-oily skin, this offers a non-greasy and non-cakey look that lasts up to 24 hours, thanks to the infusion of Organic Miracle Powder that absorbs oil and covers pores.

Available in three shades and retails on Shopee.

Start-Over Concealer

BNB Start-Over Concealer

Finally, the Bloomatte complexion series is completed with a buildable concealer.

You’ll love that the BNB Bloomatte Start-Over Concealer is comfortably moisturising and non-sticky, even though it adheres snugly to the skin.

It is made with Total Cover Particles, which are hexagonal crystal powder particles that are able to tessalate so that every part of the skin is perfectly covered, giving you an “invisible” coverage that’s transfer-proof, water-proof, and doesn’t oxidise over time.

Available in three shades and retails on Shopee.

Where to buy the BNB Bloomatte series

You’ll be happy to know that up-and-coming K-beauty brand barenbliss (BNB) is now available in Malaysia through its official Shopee store. Find the full Bloomatte series here.

You can follow BNB on their social media platforms: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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