You have heard about this home remedy of washing your hair with beer to leave it smoother and shinier.

If you’ve never tried it before this new product may just be your chance to do so.

Created by the Taiwanese shampoo brand, Renata, the packaging of the beer shampoo replicates the look of regular beer bottles.

beer shampoo

If you’re wondering where you’ve heard of Renata, it could be because you’ve read about their previous innovative creation – the Bubble Tea Shampoo.

You can buy their new beer shampoo individually or as a pack of four – packaged, of course, just as you would see how beer bottles are usually packaged in fours.

This is not the first time the Taiwanese brand has launched beer shampoos.

craft beer shampoo

They had previously launched one that’s packaged differently that resembled craft beer more. On the other hand, the new version looks like well-loved Taiwanese beer such as Tsingtao and Taiwan Beer. What exactly is this shampoo made of?

In case you’re wondering, the shampoo actually doesn’t contain any alcohol. The main ingredient found in the shampoo is non-alcoholic hop extract, an ingredient used in brewing beer, but also has the benefit of moisturising and maintaining the roots of your hair.

Other ingredients found in this shampoo include willow orchid extracts, which help cleanse and replenish the scalp and hair, as well as brown algae that helps create a protective layer on your hair, so it’s soft and shiny.

The Renata Beer Spa Shampoo is priced at S$NT300 (~RM44.14)  for a single bottle and at NT$1200 (~RM176.60) for a pack of four. This product is sadly not currently available in Malaysia but you can check it out on the brands’ website.

Featured image courtesy of ChinaPress