Once again, Pantone surprises us with its pick for the Colour of the Year. Following last year’s vibrant “Viva Magenta,” 2024 introduces the softer “Peach Fuzz.”

A delightful blend of terracotta and apricot, it exudes a sensual, youthful, and sophisticated vibe.

Described as a mix of emotions, “Peach Fuzz” brings a gentle warmth to the eyes, lips, and cheeks, providing a healthier look.


Photo credit: Pantone.

To help you embrace the Colour of the Year, we’ve compiled a list of beloved beauty products, spanning makeup, skincare, fragrances, and more!


Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip Plump Shimmer Glass (Peach)


If you’re all about rocking that plump, glossy pout, check out the Maracuja Juicy Lip Plump in a beautiful peach shade!

This versatile lip product offers a shimmer glass finish and acts as a plumping balm, gloss, colour, and hydrating treatment all in one.

With duochrome pearls for a juicy shine, it includes hyaluronic acid, maracuja, and superfruits for moisture and a plumping effect. And it’s vegan!

Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip Plump Shimmer Glass (Peach) retails for RM110 at Sephora online.

NYX Fat Oil Lip Drip (Follow Back)


If you’re aiming for lush, hydrated lips with a glossy flair, a lip oil is your best bet. NYX Fat Oil Lip Drip in Follow Back is the go-to choice for that high-shine look minus the stickiness!

Packed with vegan squalane for hydration and a rich shine, this lip gloss ensures up to 12 hours of moisture and protection. The formula, featuring raspberry oil, cloudberry oil, and vegan squalane, gives your lips a beautiful peachy brown hue when worn alone.

Or, get creative and layer it with your favourite corals and pinks for an extra pop of colour!

NYX Fat Oil Lip Drip (Follow Back) retails for RM57.09 on Shopee.

DIOR Backstage Eye Palette (Coral Neutrals)


What better way to show off Pantone’s Colour of the Year than by rocking it in your eye makeup?

The Dior Coral Neutrals eye palette is spot-on with its collection of nine peach, coral, and nude pink shades, allowing you to achieve that fresh, lively burst of colour!

You can play around with various looks, from a laid-back everyday style to bold and vibrant choices, all thanks to the palette’s matte, pearlescent, metallic, holographic, or glittery options!

And here’s the best part – the ultra-pigmented eyeshadows effortlessly blend together. So, even if you’re a newbie to makeup, this palette is a breeze to use.

DIOR Backstage Eye Palette (Coral Neutrals) retails for RM340 on Lazada.

Saie Dew Blush Liquid Cheek Blush (Peachy)


When it comes to getting that youthful, healthy glow, Saie’s Dew Blush Liquid Cheek Blush in the Peachy shade is the go-to option!

Its blendable liquid-cream formula, paired with a chunky doe-foot applicator, seamlessly melts into your cheeks, delivering a natural, lit-from-within pinkish peach radiance.

This lightweight and skin-loving formula allows you to achieve a subtle tint or layer up for a richer wash of colour without any streaks or patchiness.

Infused with plant-derived glycerin, it keeps your skin hydrated, while elderberry and licorice root provide a protective brightening layer for your cheeks.

And the best part? It’s safe for sensitive skin and completely fragrance-free!

Saie Dew Blush Liquid Cheek Blush (Peachy) retails for RM179 on Shopee.


Numbuzin No.4 Pore Zero Peeled Egg Toner Pad


For those struggling with enlarged pores, give Numbuzin’s No.4 Pore Zero Peeled Egg Toner Pad a shot! This exfoliating pad effectively handles excess sebum and dead skin cells, resulting in a clearer complexion and reduced pore size.

Enriched with ingredients like anti-sebum P, evening primrose extract, arrowroot extract, longleaf pine needles extract, and ulmus davidiana root, it tightens pores and transforms skin texture for a silky-smooth feel.

Thanks to exfoliating acids like PHA & LHA, it helps remove dead skin cells. To maintain balance, these pads also provide hydration with hyaluronic acid, trehalose, and panthenol.

It’s important to note that these toner pads are suitable for all skin types except sensitive skin, as they contain fragrance and ethanol.

Numbuzin No.4 Pore Zero Peeled Egg Toner Pad (70 Pads) retails for RM66.80 on Shopee.

Peach & Lily Ginger Melt Oil Cleanser


If you’re into double-cleansing or thinking of trying a cleansing oil, give Peach & Lily’s Ginger Melt Oil Cleanser a go!

It swiftly removes all makeup, SPF, excess oil, and impurities in seconds without any leftover residue or skin issues.

Ginger Melt Oil Cleanser is safe for all skin types, offering a refreshing and balanced feel with its non-drying, non-clogging formula.

Enriched with antioxidant-rich ginger and soothing ingredients like pineapple, papaya, sunflower seed, and grapeseed oils, it’s a great addition to your skincare routine.

Peach & Lily Ginger Melt Oil Cleanser (150ml) retails for RM220 on Shopee.

Heimish Watermelon Moisture Soothing Gel Cream


We absolutely adore a good dupe, and word is, this product might just be the alternative to Clinique’s famous Moisture Surge Gel!

The Heimish Watermelon Moisture Soothing Gel Cream is a light pink-jelly moisturizer with 10% Watermelon extract, providing instant cooling hydration.

It’s enriched with aloe vera, fermented moringa oil, ceramide, glycerin, tea tree, witch hazel, and ivy fruit extracts—ideal for oily, breakout-prone skin. Plus, it’s fragrance-free!

Heimish Watermelon Moisture Soothing Gel Cream retails for RM74.83 on Shopee.

Glow Hub Nourish and Hydrate Cleansing Balm


Why not give your cleansing routine a peachy twist with Glow Hub’s Nourish and Hydrate Cleansing Balm!

Packed with a delightful mix of peach and coconut oils, this cleanser sweeps away all traces of makeup, SPF, and impurities, leaving you with a radiant glow.

This balm not only cleanses effectively, but also pampers your skin, helping to reduce any dryness. With vitamin-rich fruit oils in the mix, your skin gets a boost of nourishment and a visibly illuminated complexion.

Plus, shea butter and hyaluronic acid provide lasting hydration for fresh, dewy skin after cleansing!

Glow Hub Nourish and Hydrate Cleansing Balm retails for RM77.82 on LookFantastic.

Haircare & Bodycare

Sigi Skin Calming Breeze Hydrating Body Wash


Sigi Skin just launched its first bodycare product—the Calming Breeze Hydrating Body Wash! This lavish body wash, like a spa in a bottle, suits everyone with its clean musk scent and a touch of peachy freshness.

Treat your skin with a mix of key ingredients like alfalfa, loaded with antioxidants to protect from premature ageing, and verbascoside, a lilac-derived plant stem cell that regulates oil production and soothes acne.

Rice soothes sensitive skin, ceramides strengthen your skin’s barrier, and glycerin seals in moisture, leaving your skin soft and nourished. It’s vegan, gentle for kids, and safe for sensitive skin, so everyone can enjoy its calming benefits!

Sigi Skin Calming Breeze Hydrating Body Wash (326ml) retails for RM169 on Shopee.

Dae Signature Shampoo


While this shampoo won’t magically give you peachy locks, it’s the perfect way to infuse the Pantone Colour of the Year into your bathroom vibe with its peachy bottle!

Packed with nutrients, this shampoo creates a rich, luxurious lather that gently cleanses all hair types. It’s loaded with desert-derived botanicals that strengthen and protect, detoxifying your hair and scalp by removing buildup without stripping away natural oils.

Post-rinse, your hair is left feeling soft, shiny, and bouncy, carrying the lingering scent of sweet summer ease – featuring notes of luminous citrus, orange blossom, and vanilla!

Dae Signature Shampoo (300ml) retails for RM170 on Shopee.

Tony Moly Peach Hand Cream


While everyone is obsessed with that peachy hue and fragrance, the Tony Moly Peach Hand Cream takes it up a notch with its realistic and utterly adorable packaging!

It’s not your ordinary peach-scented hand cream – it comes in an adorable peach-shaped container with an amazing fragrance.

Tony Moly’s bestseller boasts a rich formula featuring peach, apricot extracts, and shea butter, banishing dry skin and adding anti-wrinkle benefits for softer hands.

Not only does it keep your hands smelling like sweet peaches, but it also looks pretty and adorable on your vanity!

Tony Moly Peach Hand Cream retails for RM23.90 on Shopee.

NCLA Hey, Sugar Peach Body Scrub


Sweeten up your shower ritual with this peachy body scrub! The exfoliating and deeply moisturising ingredients will work wonders on your skin, giving it a whole new feel and leaving you with an amazing scent.

Packed with sweet ingredients like sugar crystals, shea butter, and cocoa butter, it fights dry skin naturally. Hey, Sugar is an all-natural, deeply moisturising peach scrub for a radiant post-cleanse glow!

NCLA Hey, Sugar Peach Body Scrub retails for RM169.83 on Revolve.


Tom Ford Bitter Peach Eau de Parfum


If you’re on the lookout for a more sophisticated peach fragrance that works well for both men and women, Bitter Peach by Tom Ford is a must-have in your collection!

This amber vanilla scent opens with sweet top notes of peach, blood orange, cardamom, and heliotrope.

It then transitions into the heart with a blend of rum, cognac, davana, and jasmine, settling into warm base notes of vanilla, Indonesian patchouli leaf, tonka bean, sandalwood, benzoin, cashmeran, styrax, labdanum, and vetiver.

Tom Ford Bitter Peach Eau de Parfum (50ml) retails for RM1,750 at Sephora online.

Jimmy Choo I Want Choo Eau De Parfum


If you like an immediate sweet peachy scent when you spray it on yourself, I Want Choo by Jimmy Choo is the perfect amber floral fragrance for you!

This scent immediately opens with top notes of sweet peach and Mandarin orange, and seamless transitions to floral middle notes of jasmine and red lily, then finally settling into the comforting base note of vanilla.

Jimmy Choo I Want Choo Eau De Parfum (100ml) retails for RM501.60 at Sephora online.

Cartier Baiser Volé Eau de Parfum


If you love floral scents, especially lilies, Cartier’s Baiser Volé Eau de Parfum is a perfect match for you!

It kicks off with the crisp and sweet top notes of lily and citruses, deepening with middle notes of lily. Finally, it settles into the earthy base notes of green lily and fresh green tones.

Cartier Baiser Volé Eau de Parfum (100ml) retails for RM389 on PerfumeStore.my.

Narciso Rodriguez Ambrée Eau De Parfum


Here’s another enchanting amber floral fragrance for you – the Narciso Eau de Parfum Ambrée by Narciso Rodriguez!

It starts with the refreshing floral tones of frangipani, ylang-ylang, and white flowers, then shifts to the musky heart notes of musk and amber.

Finally, it settles into the cosy base notes of cashmeran, vanilla, and cedar, wrapping you in a warm and comforting embrace.

Narciso Rodriguez Ambrée Eau De Parfum (90ml) retails for RM420 at Sephora online.


Dior Nail Vernis Nail Polish (Tutu)


For that aptly coloured shade of “Fuzzy Peach”, the Dior Vernis Nail Polish in the shade Tutu is one for you to try!

This polish provides protective nail care thanks to its formula infused with extracts of peony and an extract of pistachio, and enhances nails with couture colour with every manicure.

It’s also easy to apply with its ergonomic brush. With a glossy finish and a gel effect hold, it ensures even results, regardless of nail shape!

Dior Nail Vernis Nail Polish (Tutu) retails for RM130 at Dior Beauty’s Online Boutique.

Butter London Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer (Hottie Tottie)


If you’re looking for a more pinkish peach colour, Butter London’s Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer in the shade Hottie Tottie is perfect!

The formula is loaded with ingredients proven to promote brighter, stronger, healthier-looking nails. The patented Shock Resisting Polymer Technology™ delivers gel-like cushion and shine with up to 10 days of chip-resistant wear.

Plus, the bamboo extract in the formula helps promote stronger nails and prevent breakage and peeling for healthier-looking nails!

Butter London Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer (Hottie Tottie) retails for RM85 at Sephora online.

Dasique Syrup Nail Color (01 Peach Syrup)


For that dreamy, peachy syrup nail vibe, Dasique’s Syrup Nail Color in shade 01 Peach Syrup is just what you need! It gives your nails a beautifully transparent, glossy finish that sticks around – no top coat required!

Packed with nail care components like Herb-5 Complex and Protein-9 Complex, it pampers your nails with moisture and nutrients. What’s more, you can amp up the syrupy gloss to a richer shade with its buildable nail colour.

Dasique Syrup Nail Color (01 Peach Syrup) retails for RM49.39 on Shopee.

OPI Nail Lacquer (Freedom of Peach)


You can never go astray with the velvety, lively peach hue to nail that “Peach Fuzz” look!

OPI’s Nail Lacquer in the shade Freedom of Peach is OPI’s original nail polish formula, delivering extended wear for your nails when combined with a top coat.

OPI Nail Lacquer (Freedom of Peach) retails for RM48.89 on Shopee.