Out of the 365 days in a year, your birthday is the one special day that’s all about you! And what better way to celebrate than treating yourself to some amazing beauty birthday freebies?

Lucky for you, there are plenty of brands that share the sentiment. We have scoured the internet and found a plethora of brands that wants to make your day even more memorable!

You can expect a variety of birthday freebies from these beauty brands, with some offering discounts on their products while others go above and beyond to provide you with complimentary items or even luxurious services.

With our list, you’ll be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the perks of being celebrated in style.

Beauty birthday freebies – gifts, points, and service


Photo source: Fresh

If you’re keen on skincare products that focus on natural ingredients, then Fresh is one to look out for. Plus, their birthday rewards are amazing too!

While the Freshie tier (first tier) may not include birthday privileges, it’s well worth to consider upgrading to the second tier and beyond for some exceptional perks.

From Fan (second tier) all the way up to Forever (fifth tier), you can enjoy double points during your birthday month, making it a perfect time to stock up on their favourite products.

Plus, you’ll also receive special gifts that adds an extra touch of luxury and appreciation from Friend tier onwards, which are:

  • Friend – Antioxidant boost
  • Family – Birthday Glow
  • Forever – Rose Indulgence

How to become a member

Enjoy the benefits of being a part of the Fresh community with your very first order and land the Freshie membership.

Fresh offers a tiered membership program that rewards loyal customers based on their spending over a period of time. To join the Fan tier, you will need to spend between RM280 to RM749.

To qualify for the Friend tier, you need to spend between RM750 to RM1,799 within the last six months. For even more rewards and benefits, upgrade to the Family tier by spending between RM1,800 to RM3,499 within the last 12 months.

For the exclusive Forever tier, you’ll need a cumulative spend of over RM3,500 in the last 12 months.

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Photo source: Glam Story

Laneige is a highly beloved brand in the beauty industry, and it’s safe to say that their birthday perks are equally sought after.

Birthdays just got even more exciting for Luminous Club members! Not only will you receive special birthday gifts and cash vouchers, but you’ll also earn double bonus points on all purchases made during your birthday month.

However, please note that these exciting perks are only available to active members who have made purchases within the past 12 months.

How to become a member

Make any purchases to be qualified as a member.

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Photo source: Sulwhasoo

Sulwhasoo, the exquisite Korean skincare brand, not only offers exceptional products but also spoil its members with unparalleled perks, including exciting birthday privileges!

Redeem a fabulous birthday gift when you make at least one transaction in the past 12 months, and celebrate your birthday in style with double points for all member tiers on transactions made during your special month.

Just remember to collect the gift within a month’s time at the home counter!

How to become a member

Sulwhasoo offers a lifetime membership for purchases made through authorised boutiques and department stores in Malaysia.

Indulge in the exclusive world of Sulwhasoo with Jade and Amber membership, valid for a year. To maintain your membership status, a minimum expenditure of RM5,000 for Jade and RM10,000 for Amber is required within your 12 months membership period.

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Photo source: L’occitane

This French brand has all the beauty and fragrance products you need to make your birthday feel extravagant!

As a club member of L’Occitane, get ready to enjoy a truly special treat. During your birthday month, you’ll receive a surprise birthday gift in-store as well as an exclusive one-time RM30 off discount.

But wait, it gets even better! Gold members can enjoy a one-time additional 5% off discount during their birthday month and also receive a surprise gift in-store.

Talk about being treated like royalty!

How to become a member

Spend a minimum of RM250 in a single receipt in any of their boutiques or online stores to qualify as a member. To level up to the Gold tier, you’re going to have to spend RM1,000 in stores or online, either in a single receipt or accumulated.

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Photo source: Dior

Dior is ready to make your birthday memorable!

Fans of this luxury brand will receive an extra special treat on their birthday when they become a member of Dior’s loyalty program.

As a member of Dior Fan, you can earn double bonus points on your first purchase during your birthday month. However, if you’re a Dior Platinum member, the celebration gets even better. Not only do you get to enjoy double bonus points, but you’ll also receive a fabulous birthday gift that’s sure to make you feel like a true VIP!

How to become a member

Spend RM550 and above, with a minimum of two transactions within a year to become a Dior Fan member.

To become a distinguished Dior Platinum member, simply indulge in the luxurious world of Dior with a minimum spend of RM9,000 in just two transactions within a year.

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Photo source: Sephora

One of the advantages of having a Beauty Pass at Sephora is that you are guaranteed to receive a benefit in your birthday month, regardless of which Beauty Pass you hold. Become a free Sephora member and enjoy the following rewards.

White Card Birthday Gift:

Get double bonus points on any one purchase during your birthday month

Black & Gold Card Birthday Gifts:

Get double bonus points on any one purchase during your birthday month. Plus, receive a specially curated birthday gift as well as enjoy a complimentary service in-store!

How to become a member

Joining Sephora as a member is a breeze – all you have to do is register on their website, and voila, you’re a White card member.

Subsequently, you have the option to upgrade your membership by meeting certain spending requirements annually. To become a Black beauty pass, you’ll need to a cumulative of RM900 and RM4,500 to hold a Gold beauty pass.

In other words, you can unlock even more exclusive perks and rewards by simply indulging in your favourite beauty products.

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Photo source: Clarins

This ultimate skincare brand also offers exceptional perks for their loyal customers. Thanks to Clarins, your beauty journey just got even more rewarding.

Get ready to be pampered with Clarins’ incredible birthday perks! As a Classic member, you will receive double bonus points on your first purchase in your birthday month, and a complimentary trial gift with any purchase made during the month itself.

If you’re a Gold member, you can enjoy double bonus points on all purchases made during your birthday month, along with an exclusive RM100 e-voucher to use before the month’s end.

So mark your calendars, get ready to celebrate, and let Clarins take care of you on your special day!

How to become a member

Becoming a Clarins Classic member has never been easier – simply make any purchase at an authorised Clarins counter, Skin Spa, Retail Boutique, or their website, and you’re automatically eligible!

But if you want to take your Clarins experience to the next level, become a Gold member by accumulating RM7000 in purchases over a 12-month period to enjoy more exceptional benefits.

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Beauty birthday freebies – discounts


Photo source: Kiehl’s

There’s more to love at Kiehl’s than just their products. If you’re thinking of being in their membership programme, then you’ll be excited to know that they offer birthday rewards at every level!

Doesn’t matter which tier you are at because you’ll be able to enjoy a 10% discount that’s redeemable during your birthday month. However, you’ll also receive a complimentary gift that may vary depending on your level of membership.

Indulge in a travel size gift in the Fan tier or double travel size gifts in the Friends tier. But if you’re in the highest tier, Family, you can enjoy not one or two, but three travel size gifts to elevate your experience.

How to become a member

To qualify for the first tier, Fan, you just need to spend above RM1. As for the Friends tier, you have to spend at least RM1,500 accumulated within 12 months and RM3,000 above to get to Family.

No matter which membership level you belong to, birthday perks are a sure thing at Kiehl’s!

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Photo source: YSL

YSL is another loved-brand by many beauty enthusiasts. And what’s not to love when you’ll also receive extra love on your birthday!

Get ready to celebrate your birthday in style with YSL’s membership programme! As a Silver member, you’ll gain a fabulous 10% discount on your first purchase during your birthday month, plus a voucher for a luxurious makeup service. And that’s just the beginning!

As a Gold or Diamond member, you can expect even more perks, including the same 10% discount and makeup service voucher, as well as an amazing birthday gift to make your special day even more memorable.

How to become a member

There’s no need for a minimum spend to become a Silver member, but if you want to upgrade to the Gold or Diamond levels and enjoy even more benefits, simply accumulate RM600 or RM2000 respectively within 12 months.

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Shu Uemura

Photo source: Shu Uemura

A high-end Japanese makeup and skincare brand known for its luxurious and innovative products is Shu Uemura.

With their incredible tiered rewards program based on your spending expenditure, you won’t want to miss out on the exciting birthday perks that await you!

Nishiki Bronze:
You’ll get 10% off on any purchase

Tokyo Night Silver:
You’ll get 10% off on any purchase with a complimentary professional makeover

Makie Gold:
You’ll get 15% off and a complimentary professional makeover

How to become a member

Unlock greater rewards to enjoy all their perks and benefits. Just make a purchase of RM1 above and you’re qualified to be a Nishiki Bronze member.

To ascend to Tokyo Night Silver level, spend a minimum spend of RM400 while the Makie Gold tier requires an expenditure of RM1,500 onwards.

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Beauty birthday freebies – vouchers

The Body Shop

Photo source: The Body Shop

Are you gearing up to celebrate your birthday? Caring for yourself is a top priority and what better way to do so with The Body Shop’s body care products.

As a member of The Body Shop’s loyalty programme, you can take advantage of their two-tiered membership system to receive exclusive discounts and perks.

While the Love Your Body Friend tier does not include birthday privileges, you can unlock a 25% discount as a Love Your Body Member. To enjoy these benefits and additional perks, simply download The Body Shop mobile app and start treating yourself to the love and care you deserve!

How to become a member

Download their mobile app, register and spend a minimum of RM100 in a single transaction.

Renewing your membership with The Body Shop is hassle-free! Simply make purchases totaling RM300 or more within a year, and your membership will be automatically renewed for another year, allowing you to continue enjoying exclusive discounts and benefits.

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Photo source: Innisfree

Innisfree, South Korea’s first all-natural beauty brand is great at providing its loyal customers with exclusive birthday rewards.

As a member of Innisfree’s loyalty programme, you can look forward to receiving special vouchers on your birthday, with the value of the voucher varying depending on your membership tier.

While members in the Welcome tier currently receive a voucher valued at RM10, Premium and VIP members can enjoy even greater benefits, with vouchers valued at RM20 and RM30, respectively.

How to become a member

You’ve just got to make a purchase of any amount to immediately become a Welcome member, which is the first tier.

Spend above RM300 within 12 months to become a Premium member, or RM600 and above to be valued at as a VIP member.

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The Face Shop

Photo source: The Face Shop

The Face Shop loves making people feel good about themselves with their products as well as their rewards which include birthday vouchers too!

As a valued member, you’ll have access to a range of exciting rewards and perks, including an incredible 30% birthday voucher valid on normal priced items that you can redeem on your special day.

The voucher will be issued to your member profile on the 1st of your birthday month, so mark your calendar! Whether you’re a Classic or VIP member, you can take advantage of this fantastic offer and indulge in all your favourite skincare and beauty products.

As a VIP member, you’ll be rewarded with a RM33 Birthday extra voucher to be used in the following month. The voucher is valid on a minimum purchase of RM120 and can be used in conjunction with ongoing promotions.

How to become a member

Becoming a Classic member is as easy as making a minimum spend of RM140 in a single receipt!

And if you’re looking to take your membership to the next level, simply accumulate a total spend of RM600 to upgrade to VIP status.

Keep in mind that both tiers are only valid for 12 months, so make sure to make the most of your membership benefits while you can. To maintain your membership status or upgrade further, you’ll need to spend accordingly.

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Beauty birthday freebies – points


Photo source: Shiseido

As a Shiseido Camellia Club or Future Solution Club member, your birthday is about to get even more fabulous!

Camellia Club members will receive triple bonus points on their birthday, which can be applied to their first purchase of the month. Meanwhile, Future Solution Club members can look forward to triple bonus points and a special birthday gift with any purchase made during their birthday month.

Don’t forget to treat yourself to some extra love on your special day!

How to become a member

It’s easy to become a Shiseido Camellia Member. Just make a purchase of RM150 and above and you’re in!

Shiseido Future Solution Club on the other hand requires a minimum expenditure of RM8,000 on Shiseido Future Solution LX products per annum.

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Photo source: Lancôme

It’s hard not to fall in love with Lancôme and all it has to offer. From its luxurious fragrances to its innovative skincare and makeup products that embody grace, refinement, and sheer indulgence, there is truly something for everyone to luxuriate in.

And if that wasn’t enough, Lancôme also offers enticing birthday rewards that are sure to make your special day even more unforgettable.

As a member of the Lancôme loyalty program, the amount of points you can earn during your birthday month depends on your tier level:

  • Rose – One and a half points for the first transaction only.
  • Gold – Double points for the first transaction only.
  • Black Gold – Double points on all purchases.

How to become a member

Joining their loyalty programme is easy – simply make any purchase in a single receipt to become a Rose member and start earning rewards right away.

To be a Gold member, make an accumulated spend of RM1,000 over a period of 12 months, while Black Gold member requires a total spend of RM4,000 or more over the same time frame.

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