This Armani “peach milk tea” liquid lipstick has such gorgeous pearlescent shimmers, we’re in love

By Natalie Fu
14 June, 2022

We’re obsessed with collecting “milk tea” lippies as they are such a gorgeous MLBB (my lips but better) shade. Seriously, our vanity is chock full of them, and we’re still looking for another one.

We may have finally discovered the perfect “milk tea” lippie that will finally top them all. This lippie not only looks good on anyone, it also has the prettiest shimmers we’ve ever seen.

Armani Peach Milk Tea Shimmery Lippie the lippie

Just look at the Liquid Lipstick from the Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro Mediterranean Collection in shade 109. It’s been called the perfect “peach milk tea” shade by RED Netizens.

We seriously can’t get this beautiful lipstick out of our minds – it is a delicate shade of nude peach with little pink shimmers that almost glow radiantly when it catches the light.

Armani Peach Milk Tea Shimmery Lippie compilation

Not impressed by the peach milk tea colour? You can totally go for the other liquid lipsticks in the Lip Maestro collection.

A tribute to the beauty of the Mediterranean, there are six shades to choose from, each inspired by the seashore’s rock to the colours of a burning sunset.

You’re likely to find another gorgeous lippie as each lipstick is infused with ultra-refined light-capturing shimmers reminiscent of the Mediterranean Sea.

We’re definitely going to be adding the peach milk tea lippie to cart after this. Just imagine taking some selfies with this on during a warm sunny day.

The Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro Mediterranean Collection Liquid Lipstick retails for S$49.50 (~RM158.08) each on Selfridges.

Featured image credit: RED