It’s time to make way for another addition to your makeup cabinet. We know how obsessed everyone is with “milk tea” lipsticks and this is another one that is sure to make you lick your lips while adding to your shopping cart.

We have found a lipstick that is creamy and with a gorgeous hue that’s leaning towards a nutty brown. With its shade and the consistency, we’re reminded of a rich “almond milk tea” that is sweet yet comforting.

We’re talking about the Dior Rouge Dior Forever lipstick in #505 Forever Sensual. This MLBB shade is good for pretty much any occasion, whether it’s a fancy dinner date or casual work day.

And with Dior, you know that every swipe is worth every cent spent. If you’re concerned whether this will stay intact against masks, you’ll be happy to know that the Rouge Dior Forever has been formulated to be resistant to contact, even with fabrics.

To give you that extra creamy appearance, it has an ultra-matte finish that does not budge.

Plus, dry lips can be a huge issue when it comes to matte lipsticks since the finish often enhances the cracked appearance dry lips gives us. However, like all Rouge Dior Forever lipsticks, this one is infused with red peony extract that will help maintain your lip’s natural hydration.

If you’re craving it as much as us, quickly add this creamy and delectable “almond milk tea” lipstick to cart.

Dior Rouge Dior Forever lipstick in shade #505 Forever Sensual retails for RM170 on Dior.

Featured image credit: RED