As the country slowly continues to open up and the holidays creep ever closer, it is time for us to book our next salon appointment for our Christmas mani-pedi. (Seriously, book your appointments at your favourite salon before it’s too late!)

We’re prepared to celebrate the holiday in style, and we’ve used our magical social media browsing elves to gather Christmas nail art designs for the occasion.

Have you been nice this year? Naughty or not, we’ll share with you 15 of our favourite Christmas nail art designs that you can show to your manicurist at your next visit.

1. Black and Gold

Christmas Nail Arts Ideas 2021 Black and Gold

Go fancy with these black matte and gold glitter nail design. With images like mittens, deer, and Christmas ornaments, these are classic enough to wear all the way through to the new year. Note: show this to your manicurist only if you’re sure she’s good at freehand drawing, otherwise it may fall flat.

2. Festive Red Reindeer

Christmas Nail Arts Ideas 2021 Festive Red Reindeer

Looking for something on the red and merry side? These adorable reindeer and Santa nails are sure to get you squeals of ‘awws’ from your friends at your next gathering.

3. Forest Deer Print

Christmas Nail Arts Ideas 2021 Forest Deer Print

Go with these breath-taking green nails. Featuring a Christmas tree and a snow-white deer, these nails are on another level of gorgeous with its glittery green-black colours.

4. Frosty Blue Christmas

Christmas Nail Arts Ideas 2021 Frosty Blue Christmas

Channel your inner Ice Queen with these frosty fingertips inspired by ice and snow. You might even be tempted to twirl your fingers around to try and summon winter with your icy manicure.

5. Gingerbread Cookie

Christmas Nail Arts Ideas 2021 Gingerbread Cookie

Tired of the usual red and green manicures? Why not go for a toasty brown gingerbread cookie design? With creamy colours of brown and white, the palette looks like it belongs to a hot steamy latte.

6. Grey Snow

Christmas Nail Arts Ideas 2021 Grey Snow

Inspired by dripping snow and an icy white Christmas, this design combines both solid and glittery colours to make this manicure something special.

7. Holy Night

Christmas Nail Arts Ideas 2021 Holy Night

The night certainly won’t be silent with these stunning minimalist nails. If you’re tired from too much holiday glam, perhaps these nails are the right touch of festive for you while looking great even after Christmas is over.

8. Jolly Matte Green

Christmas Nail Arts Ideas 2021 Jolly Matte Green

Make a bold statement with an even bolder manicure with these jolly matte green nails that are both glamorous and festive with its bejewelled trees and ornaments.

9. Minimalist Black

Christmas Nail Arts Ideas 2021 Minimalistic Black

Kind of a goth but still want to celebrate the holidays? Trying out an edgy look this year? Maybe these are the nails for you; its dark and deep look is accentuated with a gold star design that makes that single digit stand out.

10. Minimalist Christmas

Christmas Nail Arts Ideas 2021 Minimalistic Christmas

Try out a negative-space Christmas nail look for the holidays. Decorate your fingers with images of snowflakes and bells and stars without all the fuss and colour but with all the festive fun.

Tip: if you find the right nail stickers, this is a look you can potentially do yourself without the help of professionals!

11. Minimalist Red

Christmas Nail Arts Ideas 2021 Minimalistic Red

Even a single star makes such a statement, and that star can be you with this beautiful shiny red manicure. This one is so simple you could easily D-I-Y it at home and save a trip to the nail salon.

12. Minimalist Santa Hat

Christmas Nail Arts Ideas 2021 Minimalistic Santa Hat


Loving your fresh French mani? Maybe you can try this fun idea out. Put a fun little Santa hat on one of your nails – yet another look you could easily try and replicate at home.

13. Red Plaid

Christmas Nail Arts Ideas 2021 Red Plaid

Red and black nails are a great, bold way to show off during the holidays. Instead of going for different designs on each finger, you could even do red plaid on all your fingers and channel your inner punk.

14. Green Forest

Christmas Nail Arts Ideas 2021 Green Forest

Combine green glittery nail polish with white line art to get this simple enough to D-I-Y manicure. Try your hand at squiggly Christmas trees or perhaps consider other designs like stars and wreaths.

15. Starry Night

Christmas Nail Arts Ideas 2021 Starry Night

For those of you who are celebrating Christmas as a religious holiday, perhaps consider putting the Christmas Star on your nails this coming holiday. Even if you aren’t religious, these nails are still beautiful and reminiscent of a Christmas painting.

Featured Image Credit: heysolomiya and maniko.nails