All the lipsticks BLACKPINK’s Jisoo has been seen wearing – including the exact shade number!

By Ridzvaani Nagarajen
13 September, 2023

An actress, model, fashion icon, and a singer, BLACKPINK’s member Jisoo is loved by many for her impeccable talents.

And let’s not forget that Jisoo has proudly held the role of global ambassador for Dior since 2019.

With her impeccable style, she frequently style herself with an array of Dior Beauty lipstick shades. And if you’ve ever found yourself wondering about the exact shades she wears, you’re in luck – we’ve got the inside scoop just for you.

Read on to discover all the lipsticks Jisoo uses, including the exact shade details you’ve been searching for!

Dior Rouge Lipstick in shade #720 Icône

Photo: @sooyaaa/ Instagram

Jisoo never fails to capture attention, no matter the shade of her lipstick. However, this celebrity understands that a bold pout has the power to make every head turn.

One of the lipsticks she’s spotted with is the Dior Rouge Lipstick in shade #720 Icône, an eye-catching dark pink shade. This lipstick offers a luxurious velvety finish that remains comfortable on the lips throughout the day.

This retails for RM180 at Dior counters and Sephora

Dior Rouge Lipstick in shade #999 Satin

Photo: @sooyaaa/ Instagram

When it comes to red lipsticks, they never fail to make a statement, perfectly complementing every skin tone.

This truth holds especially for the bright red in the shade #999 Satin – the most iconic colour of Dior lipsticks – that gracefully contrasts with her fair complexion, amplifying her entire look with vibrancy and power!

This retails for RM180 at Dior counters and Sephora

Dior Addict Shine in shade #744 Diorama

Photo: @sooyaaa/ Instagram

While shade #720 offers a captivating red hue, this specific shade leans more towards a delightful hint of orange, embracing a bright red-orange tone.

Given its subtle warmth, this shade is a versatile pick that suits any season and occasion, making it a go-to choice all year round.

And with Dior, you know that each swipe of their lipstick spells luxury.

This retails for RM180 at Dior counters and Sephora

Dior Addict Shine in shade #524 Diorette

Photo: Blackpink

While Dior’s matte lipsticks are undeniably stunning, let’s not overlook their fantastic Dior Addict Shine series, particularly the one shade that Jisoo uses.

Just like all the shades from this collection, the Dior Addict Shine #524 Diorette contains a whopping 90% natural ingredients like jasmine wax and vegetable-based oils. These ingredients work together to deeply hydrate your lips, giving them the moisture they deserve.

But it’s not all about looks, this lipstick delivers on performance too. You can expect intense colour and shine that come with a glossy effect. Plus, the formula is designed to keep your lips hydrated for 24 hours and stays put up to six hours.

So, you can enjoy the fantastic look without needing frequent touch-ups.

This retails for RM180 at Dior counters and Sephora.  

Dior Addict Shine in shade #373 Rose Celestial

Photo: @sooyaaa/ Instagram

Ever noticed how Jisoo’s lips have that irresistible allure? Well, this lipstick might be the secret!

A very pinkish hue that beautifully emanates a celestial rose look, just as its name suggests. This shade, Dior Addict Shine in #373 Rose Celestial, is ideal for creating a gentle, soft appearance – making it a perfect choice for daytime wear.

It’s worth noting that individuals with fair and lighter skin tones tend to shine brightest when adorned with these delicate shades of pink.

This retails for RM180 at Dior counters and Sephora.  

Dior Addict Lip Glow Lip Balm in shade #031 Strawberry

Photo: @sooyaaa/ Instagram

To celebrate Jisoo’s birthday on 3 January, Dior Beauty launched this new shade and it’s absolutely stunning! She was spotted wearing this shade during her time in Paris.

Just like Jisoo’s charismatic beauty, the #031 Strawberry shade is a bright pinkish red hue that’s vibrant and lively – perfectly embodying the luxury label’s global ambassador.

It’s infused at its core with Colour Reviver Technology that adapts to the pH of each person’s lips, revealing a custom hue that delivers just the right dose of colour, with a subtle shine.

Plus, the Dior Addict Lip Glow is a multi-use product that can be worn on its own as a lip balm or as a primer under lipstick.

This retails for RM175 at Dior counters and Sephora.  

Dior Addict Shine in shade #Dior 8

Photo: @sooyaaa/ Instagram

Out of the 43 super cool shades available, you’ve got to check out Dior 8. It has a natural rosewood shade with a hint of brown hue, similar to the colour of a brick red.

Its creamy, velvety texture glides effortlessly, delivering an extraordinary colour payoff that’s both captivating and refined.

Plus, this one shade is also flattering on all skin tones.

This retails for RM180 at Dior counters and Sephora

Rouge Dior Forever Liquid Lipstick in shades #458 Forever Paris and #100 Forever Nude

Photo: @sooyaaa/ Instagram (shade #458)

Another lipstick that Jisoo has been seen flaunting is from Dior’s Rouge collection, in #458 Forever Paris and #100 Forever Nude. These liquid lip colours aren’t just your ordinary lipstick – it’s a game-changer!

Photo: @sooyaaa/ Instagram (shade #100)

This Dior creation is all about intense pigmentation that stays put no matter what. From that very first swipe, it forms an instant bond with your lips, and its texture glides on so effortlessly.

No more worrying about smudging, fading, or the dreaded lip colour transfer, as this lipstick is transfer-proof and can be worn even under a face mask.

This retails for RM180 each at Dior counters and Sephora.  

Dior Lip Glow Oil in shade #001 Pink

Photo: @sooyaaa/ Instagram

This one’s a must-add to your makeup bag, and not just because it’s a favourite of Jisoo’s!

The Dior Lip Glow Oil gives you this super gorgeous glossy finish! Whether you’re aiming for a natural, just-bitten look or a full-on glossy pout, this lip oil has your back (or should we say, your lips).

It’s a nourishing glossy lip oil that protects, enhances the lips, bridging out their natural colour, thanks to its Colour Reviver technology that brings out your natural lip colour.

There are only four shades, but each one is like a treasure. You’ve got coral, raspberry, cherry, and of course, pink.

Don’t let the word “oil” fool you, as this lip oil isn’t sticky or greasy in the slightest. It gives your lips this incredible mirror-like shine that you would love!

This retails for RM175 at Dior counters and Sephora.  

Rouge Dior Couture in shade #343 Panarea

Photo: @sooyaaa/ Instagram

Enriched with red peony and pomegranate flower extracts of natural origin, this iconic lipstick, Dior Rouge Dior Couture in shade #343 Panarea, brings a touch of floral hue to your lips.

Rouge Dior graces the lips with an array of finishes – satin, matte, metallic, or velvet. This long-lasting lipstick guarantees a comfortable wear for up to 16 hours, ensuring your lips feel as good as they look.

This retails for RM180 on at Dior counters and Sephora.  

Feature image credit: @sooyaaa__