It’s never easy being under the limelight all the time. Celebrities are scrutinised for every wrinkle and every kilogram they put on.

This is probably why they’re often the best people to share their beauty secrets – after all, looking good is a huge part of their “job”, so they’d have dedicated a lot of time and effort into looking their best!

And there are many Asian celebrities that we’ve been seeing in the showbiz for decades and wondering why they don’t seem to have aged since the first few times we saw them onscreen. Many of them – now in their 30s and 40s – look practically 10 years younger.

Curious what’s their secret? Daily Vanity has compiled them here so we can all take notes.

1. Rainie Yang, 36


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Rainie Yang shot to fame after taking up role of Xiao You in the hugely popular series Meteor Garden. Now, she’s almost turning 37 but yet, she doesn’t look that much different from her 17-year-old self when she took up the role. What is Rainie Yang’s anti-ageing secret?


Rainie stresses on the importance of maintaining her eyebrows. According to an interview she did with Vogue Taiwan in 2018, she said that your eyebrows can really transform your appearance. She advises that you should not follow eyebrow trends, but instead, find the shape that best suits you over the years and follow it.

Skincare for your neck

The skin on our neck is delicate and thin, which is why it is more susceptible to signs of ageing. Neck skincare is one of Rainie’s anti-ageing secrets. Other than paying attention to skincare on her face, she makes sure she puts the product on her neck as well, applying it by stroking it upwards towards her face.

She has been doing this since her 20s and swears by this skincare tip. She also says that it isn’t difficult to keep up with this “extra” step in your daily skincare routine.

2. Park Shin Hye, 31


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After her performance in hit shows Pinocchio, The Heirs and many more, Park Shin Hye is now an A-list Korean actress that those who watch K-drama know. Through the years we’ve watched her on TV, she only looks younger and more radiant every time. What exactly are Park Shin Hye’s beauty secrets?

Never sleeping with wet hair

Park Shin Hye believes that you should never go to bed with wet hair, which can harm the health of your scalp and hair. This is a tip that is scientifically proven: sleeping with a moist scalp can give microorganisms the chance to grow, resulting in scalp problems such as flakiness.

This is why Park Shin Hye says that she will never sleep before she dries her hair, even if she were exhausted.

Putting on hair masks while in the shower is another routine that she does. This definitely explains her silky and voluminous locks!


Park Shin Hye says that she does deep-cleansing to make sure she removes dirt and impurities effectively from her skin.

Believing that skincare is also about avoiding piling layers of makeup, she makes sure she forgoes heavy makeup, especially during summer. This is why she rarely puts on foundation and focuses  on her eye makeup instead. She is often seen using eyeshadow and long-lasting mascara, but skips the eyeliner.

3. Jeanette Aw, 41


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A household name in Singapore’s entertainment industry, Jeanette Aw still looks like a young fresh graduate in her 20s while in her 30s. What is Jeanette Aw’s beauty secret?


Less is more – Jeanette Aw says she wears as little makeup as possible and skips the foundation whenver she can. In fact, she had stopped using foundation shortly after joining the entertainment industry because she hated the cakiness she experienced after a long day at a shoot. She said this is especially when she had crying scenes, which would require multiple touch-ups.


Besides a good skincare routine, Jeanette also exercises regularly and drink lots of water. She shares that she pays attention to her environment so she can she give her skin what it needs accordingly.

Moisturiser is her best friend and she adjusts her skincare routine according to her travel schedule.

4. Kim Sa Rang, 43

Crowned Miss Korea more than two decades ago, Kim Sa Rang definitely doesn’t look her age at all. So, what exactly is this pageant queen’s beauty secret?


Kim Sa Rang does pilates and yoga at least three times a week as she believes that fitness helps keep her looking radiant and in great shape.

For her diet, she eats less than three meals in a day because she believes she gains weight easily. She also makes sure she doesn’t eat anything when it’s very late at night, which she says is the time when food is hardest to digest because of inactivity.

The Korean celebrity also shares tips on de-bloating after a full meal: use a baseball to roll out puffy areas on her face or body. Next, she makes herself a green tea mist to spritz on her face throughout the day. Finally, she enjoys a healthy juice to help with detoxification.


Believing that beauty begins with adopting small self-care habits, Kim Sa Rang considers the lip balm as the most important product for her. Her favourite lip product? YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Oil-In-Stick in the shade #14 Corail in Touch, a subtle tinted lip balm that doesn’t just moisturise your lips but also gives them a lovely tint.

5. Song Hye Kyo, 39


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All K-drama fans know Song Hye Kyo, who has been in the showbiz since 1996 – gasp!

The respected actress may be a veteran in the industry but at 39, she still looks like she were in her 20s. Here are Song Hye Kyo’s beauty secrets.


The most important step in Song Hye Kyo’s skincare routine is cleansing, which she says is especially important on days she films. She also uses a face mask daily and likes to apply minimal foundation.


The Korean actress exercises regularly to keep in shape. She also says that her fitness routine helps her skin look young and radiant too.

This can be explained by science. Our heart rate increases during workout, which increases blood circulation, reaping benefits such as better overall skin health, which means faster renewal of skin cells and collagen production.

The actress says that she started a regular running schedule and yoga sessions after she turned 30, in case you’re wondering about the type of fitness routines she prefers.

6. Shin Se Kyung, 31


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You may recognise Shin Se Kyung from hit dramas such as The Bride of Habaek, Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung, and most recently Run On. The 30-something-year-old looks youthful and we love how her skin always look flawless on-screen.


Shin Se Kyung can’t live without her serum, especially after long filming sessions. She says that this skincare step helps her skin look soft, plump, and camera-ready.

Lifestyle and fitness

The actress believes that her daily lifestyle habits are even more important than her skincare routine. This is why she keeps to a balanced diet and drinks up to two litres of water a day. She also avoids sweet carbonated drinks and caffeinated drinks and makes sure she always get a good night’s rest.

7. Charmaine Sheh, 45

Many of us grew up watching Hong Kong dramas that Charmaine Sheh starred in. And those of us who do, we’d have noticed how she doesn’t seem to have aged much through the years.


Her skincare routine is simple but she insists on removing all her makeup thoroughly before she sleeps every night – no compromise! She also applies a facial mask every day.

As for beauty hack, here’s one she swears by: placing cold potato slices on nights when she finds her eyes looking swollen or puffy as an “eye mask”.


She believes that staying hydrated is important for her health and skin. Besides water, she also drinks healthy juices such as apple or carrot juice.

8. Joanne Peh, 36


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Singapore actress Joanne Peh may be a mother-of-two now but she still looks as young as she did when she was in The Little Nonya!


As she gets older, Joanne says that hyperpigmentation is among her biggest skincare concerns. This is why she applies – and re-applies! – sunscreen to keep UV damage at bay.


Admitting that stress and fatigue shows up on her face, she gets rid of negative energies by practising meditation. To her, finding time to meditate is giving yourself the self-care you deserve.

9. Kim Tae Hee, 41


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Considered one of Korea’s most beautiful woman, Kim Tae Hee doesn’t look a day past 30 even though she’s 41 now. The Stairway to heaven actress who also starred in the recent Hi Bye, Mama, looks the same in both dramas!


To make sure she doesn’t get a breakout, spot-treats the moment she feels that a zit is coming. She’d also use a facial mask or slather on some moisturising cream when she feels that her skin is becoming dry.

10. Lin Chi-Ling, 46


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Taiwan’s top model Lin Chi-Ling may be in her mid-40s but totally doesn’t look her age. Let’s find out what’s her skincare secret.


To reduce puffiness on her face, the model does facial and lymphatic massages to reduce water retention. If you want to do it at home to achieve a defined jawline like hers, you can do it with your hands or using tools such as a jade roller.