Just one look at Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin and you can’t help but wonder how does the 39-year-old look so good after giving birth to her daughter just recently?

Luckily for us, the starlet, who previously shared about her not-so-smooth-sailing pregnancy journey, disclosed her secrets at a recent Jo Malone press conference in Taiwan – all while donning a gilded strapless gown that perfectly flattered her slender post-baby physique.

Keep reading to find out what tips she has to share!

She burns off calories by… taking care of her newborn

ariel lin 39th birthday

Photo source: @linyichen.ariellin/Instagram

Ariel reveals that she actually put on around 10 or 11 kilogrammes during her pregnancy, but says that she’s managed to lose the baby weight very quickly after giving birth because it’s mostly water.

The new mum discloses that she has another 2kg to drop, and she’d be able to return to her original pre-pregnancy weight.

Her trick isn’t exactly about working up a sweat in the gym, though: Ariel believes that spending time with her infant daughter is actually what helps her lose weight speedily.

The starlet says that taking care of a child requires a lot of brainpower, and feels that her body consumes more calories and body fat than exerting force during a workout without even knowing it.

We have to say that it’s all just anecdotal – but hey, if it works for Ariel, we can surely try it out, right?

She tries her best to find a balance between parenting and taking care of herself

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Photo source: @linyichen.ariellin/Instagram

Many women tend to focus on getting rid of the baby weight almost instantly after giving birth.

Ariel, however, believes that having the right mentality to tackle this brand new journey called motherhood is more important than putting yourself through a gruelling regime in hopes of bouncing back to your former physique quickly.

“The moment I became a mother, I realised I started getting worried about this little human all the time no matter where I am,” she laments.

“All of a sudden, her needs have become the single most important thing in my life – and my own needs and feelings take a backseat. And before I know it, fatigue starts to creep up on me,” the movie star continues.

To prevent fatigue from setting in and avoid feeling overwhelmed, Ariel focuses on striking a balance between taking care of her newborn and setting aside me-time for herself.

The movie star also says that she’s learning to give herself permission to take time off whenever she’s too tired from mummy duty.

She counts on her favourite fragrances to unwind

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Photo source: @elletaiwan/Instagram

Speaking of relaxing and taking a breath, Ariel divulges that she enjoys creating a healing atmosphere through fragrances as her way of getting some R&R.

She lets on that she prefers woody notes these days rather than saccharine sweet scents, and is always on the lookout for calming woody scents with just a touch of sweet citruses.

She sprays her perfumes on these two areas only when she wants to feel sexy

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Photo source: @linyichen.ariellin/Instagram

It’s no secret that most of us choose our perfumes according to our mood and also how we want to feel for the day.

If you want to feel sultry, you may want to give Ariel’s tried-and-tested perfume application tip a go: spray your sensual perfume behind your ears and on your collarbone.

The actress reveals that she does this with her favourite woody-musk scent and her husband goes wild for it – score!

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