The Ordinary, without a doubt, is one of the most popular skincare brands across the globe. The skincare line under parent company DECIEM rose to fame because of their price point – no skincare brand has ever launched such high-quality products for just a fraction of the average market cost!

So, if you’ve been wondering where to buy The Ordinary in Malaysia and how you can make sure you buy only authentic products, read on for the lowdown.

Where to buy The Ordinary in Malaysia?

1. Sephora

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Photo source: @theordinary/Instagram

Sephora is the store that all beauty junkies are well-acquainted with, and it’s finally offering The Ordinary’s high-performance, affordable clinical skincare both in-stores and online!

That’s right, since The Ordinary launched at Sephora stores on 9 June 2022, Sephora has become the only physical place where you can find the brand’s tried-and-true products in Malaysia.

There’s much to enjoy when you shop The Ordinary online at Sephora too, since you get to enjoy low shipping costs and quick delivery rates – plus, the assurance that your skincare products are the real deal.

Standard delivery costs RM25 with orders under RM80, and is free for orders RM80 and above. Within five to 11 business days, you’ll be able to receive The Ordinary products right at your doorstep.

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Photo source: Sephora

Besides, it’s only at Sephora that you can find the brand’s Bright Skincare Set, which includes the Squalane Cleanser, Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG, Ethylated Ascorbic Acid 15% Solution, and Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution – a powerful combination of skincare to grant radiance to your skin!

Shop The Ordinary at Sephora!

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2. Zalora

Zalora website

Zalora is known as one of Southeast Asia’s most popular online fashion portals, but did you know that they offer skincare and cosmetic products too?

They carry so much popular brands from A to Z, including The Ordinary! As Zalora onboards only legitimate distributors of products, you can be sure that this is where to buy The Ordinary in Malaysia without worrying about authenticity.

See Zalora’s selection of The Ordinary products here.

3. Cult Beauty


One of the largest beauty retailers in the world, Cult Beauty is a UK-based e-commerce website that ships website. Thankfully for us, The Ordinary is one of the brands that they offer, along with other popular beauty brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills, Drunk Elephant, and Milk Makeup.

The website carries approximately 50 The Ordinary products and is pretty updated – they even stock the newly launched The Ordinary concealers that everyone has been raving about!

Given its great reputation, the website sells authentic The Ordinary products, making it one of the best places to buy The Ordinary items in Malaysia.

See Cult Beauty’s selection of The Ordinary products here.

4. Beauty Bay


Beauty Bay has been around for a long time, starting out as a fragrance retailer to now, carrying all types of beauty products.  They have been stocking The Ordinary products for a long time now and currently carry 130 of their products – wow!

This legitimate site definitely makes us feel safe about buying from them and we’ll certainly ask you to consider it if you’ve been wondering about where to buy The Ordinary in Malaysia.

See Beauty Bay’s selection of The Ordinary products here.

5. Lookfantastic


Another legitimate e-commerce site for beauty, Lookfantastic carries a wide variety of popular beauty brands, including The Ordinary.

They currently stock around 65 The Ordinary products at very reasonable prices.

They don’t have a Malaysian site but their Singaporean site ships to Malaysia.

See Lookfantastic’s selection of The Ordinary products here.

6. Threebs

Threebs website

Built on a beauty, health, and lifestyle community, Threebs is a specialty skincare online store that aims to help consumers understand products in a fun way.

Aside from The Ordinary, they also carry other popular skincare brands such as Cerave, The Inkey List, and Hada Labo.

At the moment, Threebs has 57 produucts from The Ordinary, including popular products such as  the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% and the AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution.

See Threeb’s selection of The Ordinary products here.

7. Beautyspot

Beautyspot The Ordinary website

Beautyspot started as a small business after founder Lynn  resigned from her job in a multi-national insurance company at the end of 2008. Just a couple of years later, Beautyspot became one of the most popular specialised health & beauty online stores in Malaysia!

Beautyspot offers an extensive selection of The Ordinary products, including the highly sought-after The Ordinary Coverage Foundation. Although some shades aren’t available at the moment, make sure to look out for their restock. This is definitely where you can find The Ordinary in Malaysia and get a good variety of options.

See Beautyspot’s selection of The Ordinary products here.

8. Lazada

Lazada the ordinary

We are sometimes worried about buying beauty products from platforms such as Lazada, which houses a wide variety of merchants. Here’s a tip: look out for those that are tagged as “LazMall”, because it means that it’s a flagship store that has been authenticated by Lazada as legitimate and selling good quality products.

Thankfully for us, The Ordinary has an original flagship store on Lazada, making it one of the safe places to add to your “where to buy The Ordinary in Malaysia” list.

The store currently has 37 products from The Ordinary – while it’s not extremely extensive, it includes some of the most sought-after bestsellers so it’s definitely worth checking out.

See Lazada’s selection of The Ordinary products here.

9. Ordinary Skincare

Ordinary Skincare website

If you’re looking for a website that only caters to The Ordinary products, this is it. This website is organised in such a way that it’s user-friendly – they sort their products from bestsellers, latest obsessions to product types, making it easy to shop.

If you’re wondering, Ordinary Skincare is not an official website of the brand and DECIEM. A disclaimer is posted on their website stating that Ordinary Skincare is not affiliated, associated, authorised, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with DECIEM or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates.

However, given that The Ordinary has no actual presence in Malaysia, this website is definitely one of the retailers to go for if you’ve been looking around for where to buy The Ordinary in Malaysia.

See Ordinary Skincare’s selection of The Ordinary products here.

How to check if your The Ordinary products are original?


Given that The Ordinary is one of the most popular brands around, it’s probably not surprising that there are fakes in the market. It’s especially difficult to cut through the clutter especially when the brand doesn’t have a physical presence in Malaysia.

For most products, price is usually a dead giveaway. For example it’s unlikely you’ll be able to find an authentic SK-II product at a huge discount.

In The Ordinary’s case, it gets a little trickier because the original products are already very cheap to begin with. As such, most imitations won’t be slashing their prices too much as well.

However, here are a few tips that can help you find out if a product is authentic.

Buy from known sources

It’s generally safer to buy from a website that stocks a limited number of brands rather than a massive platforms that house all kind of merchants.

For e-commerce websites, check out their reviews on Facebook and Google up their names to see if you notice any red flags.

As for platforms that carry smaller merchants, try to only go for the authenticated ones (for example, those under LazMall for Lazada and Shopee Mall for Shopee). You should also check the merchant’s reviews and transaction history to make sure that orders have been consistently fulfilled and there aren’t any bad comments about product quality.

There shouldn’t be any fragrance

Let’s say you’ve already made your purchase – now what’s more important is to make sure you aren’t applying a fake The Ordinary product on your skin.

The Ordinary products don’t carry any fragrance at all so it tends to have a more “chemical-like” smell instead of smelling pleasant. This may sounds very different from what we would otherwise advise for other brands, but if it smells too good (fragranced), there’s a chance it may be a fake.

Check for the batch stamp

An authentic The Ordinary will have its batch stamp on the bottle or tube instead of the label.

Why are The Ordinary products so cheap?


We’ve been taught to be wary of anything that sounds too good to be true. So one of the most frequently asked questions we’ve got about The Ordinary’s products is probably why they are so cheap. These reasons may explain why adequately.

1. They have a parent company

The Ordinary didn’t come from nowhere. They’re a brand from the company DECIEM, which also created other popular cosmetic brands such as NIOD and Hylamide.

Because of DECIEM’s success, they were able to create The Ordinary for a minimal cost. The knowledge and experience of DECIEM are why The Ordinary came to fruition.

2. No marketing gimmicks

The Ordinary doesn’t spend a lot of time making “anti-ageing miracle” claims and hiring popular influencers to promote their products. They focus their resources on scientifically testing and producing their products, so their marketing efforts are much less than other skincare brands!

3. There’s nothing superfluous

There is nothing extra with The Ordinary. You asked for innovative, functional skincare? They got you. From their simple, apothecary-style packaging to their no-scent formula, you know that The Ordinary is a skincare brand with no frills attached.

Instead of splurging for fancy ingredients, The Ordinary centred their products on active ingredients. You only have to look at their ingredient lists to see how incredibly shorter they are than other skincare products.

For example, The Ordinary 100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil is exactly what the bottle says it is. There is only one ingredient on the list, which is Virgin Marula Oil.

Because The Ordinary focused on their efforts on ingredients that work, they were able to save a lot of money and sell their products for a small price.