By now, most of us would have already watched or at least heard of K-drama, Vincenzo, a Netflix Original. The show is one of the most-watched in Malaysia and has received lots of attention from international fans.

The series stars Jeon Yeo Bin, who plays ambitious lawyer Cha Young in the show. Her strong career-woman style has been a huge reason why our eyes are glued on our screens, as we take notes to replicate it in our work getup style.

If you’ve been thinking of replicating Cha Young’s signature hairstyles in Vincenzo, read on. Here are step-by-step guides and tips from Issac Ng, Senior Director Stylist of Leekaja Beauty Salon.


Cha Young-inspired hairstyles to steal

1. Effortless natural hair-down waves


How to achieve Vincenzo Cha Young’s effortless natural hair-down waves:  

Step one: Spray some heat protectant on your hair.

Step two: Divide your hair into sections and twist it. 

Step three: Using a curling iron with a large barrel, bring the waves forward to frame the face. 

Step four: Once the hair is fully curled, apply hairspray and make use of the stiffness of the hair strands to manipulate the overall shape of the hair. 

Step five: For the final step, finish off with an anti-frizz serum to add that final touch of shine and softness.

Extra tip: If you’d rather sleep in than to spend time jazzing up your hair with a curling iron, consider going for a Korean S-Curl perm instead for a more permanent effect. This hair service is available in Leekaja Beauty Salon.

2. Loose ponytail with framing bangs 


How to achieve Vincenzo Cha Young’s loose ponytail with framing bangs:

Step one: With your fingers, comb through and tousle your hair to loosen up its texture.

Step two: Secure all that hair with a rubber band, creating a ponytail.

Step three: Your ponytail probably looks very tight after step two, so you might want to use your fingertips to pick up and separate some fringe from the front to frame the face.

Step four: Finish with an anti-frizz serum to add that final touch of shine and softness.

3. Sleek ponytail 


How to achieve Vincenzo Cha Young’s sleek ponytail: 

Step one: Spray hairspray all over to minimise the visibility of broken hairs and baby hairs.

Step two: Use a large comb to flatten out the hair into a sleek ponytail.

Step three: Finish with an anti-frizz serum to add shine and softness. Use your fingertips to pull out some baby hair if you would like to frame your face a little more. 

4. Single loose side-braid 


How to achieve Vincenzo Cha Young’s single loose side-braid:

Step one: Before styling the hair, spray hairspray all over to make it easier to control your hair. 

Step two: Then, pull your hair to the preferred side of the head and split the hair into three parts to interlock into a braid.

Step three: Last but not least, finish off with an anti-frizz serum to add some shine and softness.

Recommended styling products

Here is a list of products that Stylist Issac Ng has recommended that will help a ton with styling your hair. You can find these products at Leekaja, other selected salons, or at the online retailers listed below.

1. Shiseido Sublimic Wonder Shield

1. Shiseido Sublimic Wonder Shield

Protecting your hair from over seven external stressors in real life, the shielding agents present in this product help protect the surface of your hair. 

“My favourite styling products are heat protectant sprays or serums to minimise hair damage from hot tools.” – Issac Ng 


2. Milbon Extra Strong Hold Hair Spray 10</span>

2. Milbon Extra Strong Hold Hair Spray 10

Helping to instantly lock your hairstyle in shape, this hair spray does its job very efficiently while defying frizz too.

“To prolong these hairstyles to last a full eight-hour office shift, I strongly suggest using an anti-frizz serum to rule out the hairs from sticking out and a good quality hairspray to lock the hairstyles in for long periods of time.” – Issac Ng 


3. Naturia Keratin Water Pack</span>

3. Naturia Keratin Water Pack

Provide your hair with all the goodness with this hair mask that is made of enhancing keratin and various natural extract ingredients.

“Since hairstyling normally requires tools and products that disrupt the hair’s natural processes, a weekly waterpack or hair mask routine would be a great low-maintenance solution, or if you wish to deeply repair your hair and have a self-care experience at the same time, visiting Leekaja to pamper yourself with an intensive hair treatment would do wonders to your hair and your mood too.” – Issac Ng