We can all agree that the content creators on Xiao Hong Shu are killing it with their makeup, especially their cartoon-like bottom lashes.

You may have attempted to apply mascara to your bottom lashes in the hopes of looking like these content creators, but what if we told you that it’s not about the mascara and that they’ve actually drawn those lashes on?

We know it’s difficult to believe because their bottom lashes appear so natural, so we scoured the internet to learn their secrets and discovered a special Chinese eyeliner designed specifically for drawing fake lashes! Interested in seeing how it works? Continue reading!

Veecci Double Eyeliner Pen

veecci eyeliner pen

Credits: @健气小姐姐/Xiao Hong Shu

This eyeliner is a gate-kept secret among the Xiao Hong Shu girls. With its two-headed tips, the Veecci Double Eyeliner Pen appears to be unlike any other eyeliner we’ve seen before.

veecci eyeliner pen

Credits: @健气小姐姐/Xiao Hong Shu, @kyurindiary/TikTok

According to @kyurindiary, who purchased the eyeliner after seeing all of the girls on Xiao Hong Shu using it, the Veecci Double Eyeliner Pen has two very fine tips of 0.01mm, both of which could bend up to 30 degrees, allowing her to draw the most natural lashes with minimal effort.

The formula is also smudge-proof, gliding across her bottom lash line smoothly to create the Xiao Hong Shu-style bottom lashes of her dreams!

To see the Veecci Double Eyeliner Pen in action, check out @kyurindiary’s full review in her TikTok video below and see why she gave the Eyeliner Pen a perfect 10 out of 10.


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How to draw natural bottom lashes using Veecci Double Eyeliner Pen

Now that we know what the Xiao Hong Shu girls are using, it’s time to master this amazing product!

veecci eyeliner pen

Credits: @Maigoole六千里/Xiao Hong Shu

First, hold the Veecci Double Eyeliner Pen at a slight angle to avoid direct wrist contact with your face. This will help you draw smoother, more natural strokes that look like real lashes by reducing pressure.

veecci eyeliner pen

Credits: @Maigoole六千里/Xiao Hong Shu

After ensuring that the shorter tip is pointing towards your nose, begin drawing the pair of faux lashes from your lower lash line at an angle that’s slightly over 90 degrees. After that, leave a small gap before continuing with the next strokes at an even more downward angle.

You should go over these four strokes to darken your bottom lash line, creating a more eye-enlarging effect.

Veecci Double Eyeliner

Credits: @Maigoole六千里/Xiao Hong Shu

Now, draw the next two shorter strokes at a nearly 180-degree angle from the lash line, just below the midpoint of your pupil, and you can stop here for a very natural lower lash look similar to @jojozhang001’s TikTok.


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However, for a more doll-like look, you can also add a few extra faux lashes, concentrating them closer to your inner corners.

veecci eyeliner pen

Credits: @Maigoole六千里/Xiao Hong Shu

Begin with two tiny, almost imperceptible strokes just below the beginning of your eye, followed by two slightly longer ones. If you notice an awkward gap, you can turn the Eyeliner Pen sideways and draw a single lash strand with one tip!

veecci eyeliner pen

Credits: @Maigoole六千里/Xiao Hong Shu

Where to find the Veecci Double Eyeliner Pen

veecci eyeliner pen

And there you have it – drawing faux eyelashes is made so much easier with the right tool.

With the Veecci Double Eyeliner Pen, you can create lashes that look like they belong on a cartoon character, and easily bring your Xiao Hong Shu makeup dreams to life!

Veecci Double Eyeliner Pen is available in two shades – #Y01 Gray Black and #Y02 Gray Brown, and each retails for RM14.98 at Shopee

Featured image credits: @marchwrpitq/TikTok, @kyurindiary/TikTok, @Maigoole六千里/Xiao Hong Shu