Have you ever wondered how beloved celebrities and influencers manage to rock such effortlessly beautiful hairstyles?

Well, it seems that the secret to a fabulous haircut lies in a frequently underestimated aspect of your hair – your baby hairs!

With just two easy steps, you can take your haircut to the next level, giving your face a slimmer appearance and discreetly hiding any areas with thinning hair.

By doing so, your hairstyle will exude a youthful and relaxed vibe, with delicate strands gracefully framing your face.

Credits: @jung_eunhye__

Read on for tips from Korean hairstylist Jung Eunhye (@jung_eunhye__ on Instagram) on how to achieve this haircut at home!

Separate Your Baby Hairs

Credits: @jung_eunhye__

If the sides of your hairline are curved inwards, similar to a widow’s peak, this trick can help you hide areas with thinner hair.

Start by sectioning off your hair and pinning back the majority of your bangs. To prevent any mishaps, be careful to only trim the thinnest layer of hair!

Next, use a flat comb to delicately pull at the thinner hair strands until your baby hairs are exposed. Slowly release your baby hairs to frame your face, and repeat the process to ensure you cover all the strands.

Trim Along Your Brows

Credits: @jung_eunhye__

After that, position your scissors at an angle towards your ears to trim those baby hairs.

Begin cutting from the center of your forehead and continue downwards until you reach your ears.

To achieve the right angle, aim for an end result gives your baby hairs a subtle curve that follows the upper edge of your eyebrows. This will help create the illusion of a slimmer and more defined face.

Repeat the same steps on the other side to ensure symmetry, allowing your baby hairs to curve outward towards your other ear!

This particular trim looks especially great when your hair is styled in a bun or ponytail, as it eliminates any concerns about accidentally exposing thinning spots.

Instead, you’ll have trendy wispy bangs that delicately frame your face, giving you a naturally stunning appearance!

Trim Near The Ears

Credits: @jung_eunhye__

Another way to slim down your face is to utilise the baby hair near your ears! These tiny hairs can still be seen when your hair is tied up and, when styled correctly, can give you a more casual and relaxed appearance.

To start, gently untuck the baby hair from behind your ears and twist them together slightly to gather them. Then, make a diagonal cut once more, making sure the final length aligns with the corners of your mouth.

For the finishing touch, you can clip and style your baby hairs to angle them properly, creating a gentle inward curve that frames your face nicely.

Credits: @jung_eunhye__

Pretty simple, right? Combine both of these techniques to create the illusion of fuller hair, while achieving a trendy and flattering hairstyle that slims your face!

Featured image credits: @jung_eunhye__.